Richland Mall

A Digital Signage Case Study

digital sign at Richland MallA long term change in shopper habits has placed many retailers in a position where their internal advertisements need an overhaul. Consumers have fully embraced the technical world and rushed on e-commerce. This challenge for brick-and-mortar retailers has caused many of their General Managers to change how they view the foot traffic they do see and how they can appeal to them.

At the Richland Mall in Mansfield, Ohio, Jodi Scott is one such proactive General Manager. Since people are not spending as much time browsing around a physical store anymore, She realized that the 22x28 static signage was no longer effective since people don't just stop to read them anymore.  She then sought to implement Retriever Digital Signage to appeal to those shoppers who do walk their courtyard.

Ms. Scott had a three-part requirement for their signage solution:

  1. the ability to advertise mall-wide events
  2. provide additional ad space for retailers
  3. bring in additional revenue with outside organizations and retailers

Retriever Digital Signage became the solution because of it's easy-to-use interface and professional appearance. Two members of the management team have been trained to use the Retriever system and have throughout enjoyed learning what they can do with their playlists! The result is an eye-catching communication that mall patrons are captivated by an animated slide and then stay to watch through the entire slide show. 

The instant update feature of Retriever Digital Signage has also helped Ms. Scott and her coworkers to stay ahead of the advertising push. Anyone who works in management knows that it is often difficult to keep everyone organized and with so many businesses all submitting information to be included on the Retriever slides, sometimes there are last minute requests that need to be on those screens within moments to take advantage of patron hours.

Retriever Digital Signage fulfills all the needs on Ms. Scott's checklist. She's able to control the displays, design slides, choose backgrounds and text fonts. The animated slides that communicate effectively for the mall retailers are proving their worth as they connect people with the sales and specials they hope to find. Professional, relevant and attractive, Retriever Digital Signage is the necessary reinvention for the Richland Mall and it's consumers in the 21st century and looking forward.

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