A Digital Signage Case Study

Therm-O-Disc manufacturing, founded in Mansfield, Ohio, is a recognized world leader in the design and manufacture of temperature sensors and controls for the HVAC, appliance, automotive, and electronics industries. The Mansfield location needed internal communication that could respond to the daily demands of a modern manufacturing facility. Therm-O-Disc chose Retriever Digital Signage to stay in touch with employees and company guests.

digital signs in cafeteria

As with many manufacturing facilities, Therm-O-Disc has a need to greet visitors at the front door as well as a different pool of information for employees. Some information is good for both audiences, but the majority is viewer specific. Using two systems and sharing information is an easy answer to this situation.

"The Retriever is a wonderful communication tool," according to Therm-O-Disc company spokesperson Carrie Pyatt. "We use our Retrievers for several purposes: for articles, announcements, cafeteria menus, and to welcome incoming guests and customers. We like the fact that most slides are predesigned and all we have to do is enter the information for display."

cafeteria digital signageTherm-O-Disc, like many facilities, doesn't have a graphics person on staff to design professional looking material for signage. However, they found that with just minutes of training they were able to produce professional signs. Using easy drop-down menus, signs are quickly made and are ready to publish. The Retriever's designer-in-a-box concept gives everyone the ability to create eye catching digital content. Since Therm-O-Disc needs to share signs between their two units, the copy feature of Retriever makes sharing signs as easy as clicking a button.

The IT department at Therm-O-Disc is fully engaged with work, so adding another system to oversee was not a good idea. Recognizing this, Retriever Digital Signage is designed so that IT has only minor involvement during installation and no involvement in day to day operations. The cost savings of this type of development is obvious to HR, IT and Marketing departments in a wide spectrum of business types including manufacturing.

With no need to install software, the system can be accessed from anywhere through the internet at The Retriever website with the proper user name and password. Multiple users can be assigned to specific signs in a playlist to take advantage of differing expertise within an organization. In addition, with the ability to schedule signs to come into a playlist at specific times, your Retriever can offer the most timely information.

Animation, RSS feeds for display, weather radar and forecast, social media, and holiday selections are just some of the options available to every user. There are no different levels of service with this system; everyone gets everything. Many selections on The Retriever automatically update themselves to keep your signage fresh and engaging.

"We also like the fact that DRM Productions [the parent company of The Retriever] is available to make any custom slides, which they have created for us that worked out perfectly," said Carrie. Working with clients to tailor the system to their needs is one of DRM's strengths. Carrie continued, "They are always ready and willing to assist with any issues. I would recommend them to anyone that needs this type of system in their facility."

Finally, The Retriever helps locations control costs by never having software update charges, maintenance fees, new product charges, storage expenses or usage fees. With Retriever, there are no hidden costs. Each Retriever comes complete and will always have the latest software and full art package on the first day and everyday.

Companies like Therm-O-Disc, build their reputation on their quality products and they appreciate the same quality in the products they use. Visit and use our online demo to create your first sign.

digital signage at Therm-O-Disc, Mansfield, Ohio




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