Invasion of the Alien Bees!

Invasion of the Alien BeesAlien Bees have invaded the studios of DRM Productions. These high-powered flash heads supply more than enough output to illuminate any set or object with more depth of field options.

DRM has armed the team with Pocket Wizards to keep these Aliens under control. The Pocket Wizard can wirelessly fire and set the output illumination of each flash head from the camera position.  No more time-consuming, manual contact with each flash head to change the amount of light coming from each Flash.

Alien Bee equipmentDRM now has the ability to handle the largest of production photo shoots. These Alien Bees have the light output and recycle time to allow DRM to go on location and shoot everything from large setups to the basic head shot with ease. The raw power of the Alien Bees flash heads allows for much more control of the visual depth of field — meaning we can adjust how much of the image is in focus — allowing us to direct the viewers attention to a specific part of the photo. Working off 110 AC gives us faster recycle times, keeping the shoot moving and we can shoot all day without having to change batteries.

When it comes to getting the right photo for your brochure, website, wall art or catalog, DRM Productions can get it done. Dave Damron, one of the founders, has been shooting and developing still photography for over 45 years, shooting 10s of thousands of images across the globe.

Pocket WizardOur new Alien Bees flash heads are just another tool to allow us to get the right light for any photo application. And the Pocket Wizard Flex Transceivers allow the wireless remote control of the light output without having to touch the flash head. This speeds the set up process as well as allowing for quick changes to the look of the final image.

With all this new technology your finished photos will have the professional look you expect. And we can move faster to keep your costs down.

Call DRM to help get a set of images that will make your next project pop.

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