The Retriever and Interactive Kiosks

When the parents of today send their children off to college, it will be an entirely new world. And not like the world sung about in Disney’s Aladdin, this is a world that is rapidly evolving to phase out the non-technological and create a learning environment that is increasingly digitized. Which, as I observe the changes in my own children’s school, amuses me. Remember your high school computer class? And what a treat it was? How times have changed!

Students-on-ComputersAccordingly, how times have changed to our advantage in the world of digital signage! Many universities are introducing the use of a digital kiosk to facilitate their admissions process by eliminating lines and adding the privacy of no longer needing to recite your social security number aloud to your financial aid officer and anyone waiting behind you.

Initially, as schools began to introduce kiosks at their institutions, it served not only to reduce wait times, but to aid in becoming more energy efficient. At Texas A&M, the school has used kiosks to branch out past the traditional uses to promote recycling on campus. Students can keep track of the bottles and cans they recycle through accounts on the kiosks, which add points for the recyclables that later translate into discounts at participating local establishments.

How can you use the Retriever Digital Signage and Interactive Kiosks in your school? Here are 10 ways:

  • Access student transcripts
  • Reference campus maps
  • Offer and participate in student/faculty surveys
  • Find directions to ¬†classes or programs around campus
  • Reload “smart cards” used to avoid cash transactions on campus
  • Check in for events
  • Conduct quick research via the internet
  • Purchase or pre-order textbooks for future classes
  • Fill out applications for student clubs and organizations or campus work programs
  • Get the latest information for events and updates around campus

These 10 advantages can be applied to your high school, private school college or university with help from the staff at DRM who can set you up with Retriever Digital Signage and Interactive Kiosk for your campus needs… today and for the future! Through the Retriever Digital Signage and Interactive Kiosk you can look forward to reduced payroll and overhead costs, less paperwork, increased staff and student efficiency, opportunities for school branding to promote campus pride and an overall more positive, up-to-date and effective student experience!

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