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Corporate Digital Signage & Communication Systems

In business and manufacturing environments, viewers need to be informed, and the Retriever is perfect as a digital communication system. Visitors and employees alike are an important part of the functioning mechanism that comprises any organized business. The information employees need to perform at their top level is very different from that which captivates a visitor in the lobby. As such, the Retriever Digital Signage offers a flexibility in not only how you are able to display the information, but what information is displayed to each audience. 

The Retriever's flexibility allows you to reach each location – from plant floors to office spaces to the break room – from a single web app. Each location can house its own display screen on which to feature the applicable information. What does this mean? Simply that the needs for staff overtime in the warehouse will not be displayed in the lobby for visitors to see. Instead, that specific piece of corporate digital signage can serve to display statistics about production, company history, and even the weather without any indication that elsewhere, the communication content may be different.

Corporate Digital Signage Features & Benefits

  • Display schedules, job status, and progress reports
  • Recognize birthdays, anniversaries, or job achievements
  • Inform employees of policy changes and company news
  • Personalize a welcome for individual guests

The professional edge afforded by digital communication systems takes your corporate presentation to the next level. Gone are the days of haphazard bulletin boards and neon flyers. In their place, we now find a sleek communication tool that is easily customized with corporate branding, seasonal themes and product specific news.

The sky's the limit for how your business can benefit from utilizing the Retriever as a digital communication system. Try the demo to see for yourself how simple and effective our corporate digital signage can be.

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