Electronic message board for banks

Digital Message Boards & Displays for Banks

Retriever Digital Signage reduces perceived wait times while informing customer and clients of other services you offer. Digital signage brings your knowledge and dependability to the forefront of your professional image. Communication through flyers and signs taped to the teller stations has long ceased to be effective. Instead of limiting each branch to such methods, the Retriever creates an avenue that only creates more connectivity and consistency in each message.

Placing an electronic message board behind the teller counter provides an entertaining, yet informative, method that keeps patrons occupied as they wait to take care of their business. Individual branches can have their own digital message boards set up within their buildings in the most advantageous location, unique to their building's architecture, while still displaying a consistent message managed by a central login at the main bank branch.

Additional electronic message boards can also be installed next to the drive through tubes. With this feature, those patrons who choose to not enter the building to handle their banking needs, can still be kept up to date while they wait. The screens are also routed into the main program that schedules the displays within the bank building. Each message board carries the same message allowing for dozens of interactions throughout the day that can lead to more service promotion. Ultimately, this method provides the most information transfer with the most customer empowerment leading to an increase in product awareness.

Features & Benefits of Electronic Message Boards for Banks

  • Show up-to-the-minute rates
  • Cross-promote services
  • Reduce perceived wait times
  • Apprise clients of new regulations

Keep learning by checking out our demo, and see for yourself, how simple and powerful our electronic message boards and displays can be for your bank or financial institution.

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