How the Retriever Digital Signage Software & Player Works

Does the idea of using digital signage software scare you? It shouldn't. With the Retriever, what you're receiving is incredibly simple digital signage. Powerful and flexible, but quick to learn and intuitive to use.

1. Log in

to our website from any device.

2. Make changes

based on our customizable templates.

3. Publish

your brand new content.

You're done!

Your Retriever player fetches your changes and automatically displays them on your screen.

Best digital signage player

Web-based digital signage solution

Web-Based Solution

You control the digital signage software for the Retriever with a web app. This can be used on any Internet connected device: from your work computer to your laptop at home, or your smartphone on the move.

Customizable signage templates

Customizable Templates

Choose from hundreds of different templates to easily create and manage slides with the messages and content you're displaying.

Instant digital sign updates

Instant Updates

Instantly make updates to all displays, or only the specific ones you'd like.

Plug and Play

Plug and Play

As for the digital signage player itself, it's literally plug and play.

Connect to screen - HDMI

Connect to Screen

Connect it to your existing flat screen television via HDMI, DVI, or VGA, and you're all set.

Scalable Distribution

Scalable Distribution

You can also connect to a distribution system and show the content on any number of displays—from two to hundreds—all from a single digital signage player.

This is simple digital signage done right. See for yourself by watching our training videos or trying the demo, and then start benefiting from the powerful capabilities of the Retriever digital signage software by making your purchase today.

It looks like you are trying to teach an old dog new tricks!

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