Hursh Drugs

A Digital Signage Case Study

Hursh Drugs, Mansfield, Ohio

The hallmark of a small-town pharmacy is the personalized care. They remember your name and how many children you have. They remember which school your son plays soccer for and ask about his last game. In the way a pharmacist is able to not only fill a prescription but know how to flavor it so a child will take it without fuss, Retriever Digital Signage has personalized the communication for Hursh Drugs that keeps their customers entertained while they wait for a prescription, and then flavors the entertainment with a dose of information.

Hursh Drugs was founded in 1898 and prides itself on providing the best care and products for their patients and clients. They have locations in both Mansfield and Shelby, Ohio. In those locations, Hursh Drugs has chosen Retriever Digital Signage to serve as an additional marketing tool to not only entertain, but inform their customers. 

Rob Knowlton, President of Hursh Drugs, chose the Retriever because he was looking for an adaptable, flexible digital signage option that would be easy to integrate into both locations. Of course, they also needed the content to be personalized for each location if necessary. Because the Retriever has the ability to communicate with multiple screens through the server, the customers are kept informed of the full run of services that are offered. Quite frequently, customers will comment on how they learned something new while they watched the Retriever and waited for a prescription!

digital sign in drugstoreHow does the Retriever help Hursh Drugs communicate? According to Mr. Knowlton, the professional appearance and eye-catching graphics are the key to doing just that. They have been very pleased with the slide display length where they can share promotions, vaccine updates and general health information. 

A pharmacy is the kind of a business that needs to stay connected to its' customers. Because Hursh Drugs is a quintessential old-fashioned pharmacy that has remained successful in the 21st century, they are connected to their customers. Their customers really enjoy the weather and trivia slides that allow they to stay up-to-date while they wait, even for a short time. 

During their time utilizing the Retriever Digital Signage, Hursh Drugs has needed to call on the support services that DRM Productions provides during bad weather. Their calls received immediate response by a human being who answered their questions and got them back online quickly. Overall, the simple design options and user-friendly formatting makes running the Retriever a task that can be easily maintained by the Hursh Drugs staff even without a specific IT member in their buildings.

Hursh Drugs has taken the elements of communication from old-fashioned, to contemporary with their Retriever Digital Signage. With this tool, they inform and entertain their customers. The professional image set forth for their customers is flavored with just the right personalization to reflect their commitment to caring for their customers. 

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