Social Media Integration

Using news and social media is a great way to keep your customers engaged as you get your message out. The Retriever makes it easy to do just that. Right now, you can use Twitter, Flickr, and RSS, and we are developing for more sources that will be included as soon as we finish (See Software Upgrades).

Twitter integration allows you to add tweets to your playlist based on who tweeted or based on search terms. Using Flickr, you can select a single picture or set the Retriever to constantly fetch new pictures from your Flickr album. You can also set the Retriever to pull RSS news feeds to display on your sign.

The best part is that these features are available on all the slide templates. Anywhere you could type text you can use Twitter or RSS, and anywhere you could upload a picture you can use Flickr.

Weather Forecast

Weather Forecast and Radar

Adding the weather forecast keeps customers focused on your sign.

Automatic Software Upgrades

Automatic Software Upgrades

Your signage always has the latest and greatest.

Continual Template Upgrades

Continual Template Upgrades

We constantly design new templates for you.

It looks like you are trying to teach an old dog new tricks!

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