Who Can Use a Retriever Digital Sign

The Retriever is a digital sign, but more than that, it's a communication tool. Use it to engage and inform your visitors and get results.

Use a digital sign for internal communications


Digital display boards help you take advantage of the way people are drawn to screens. Engage them with the weather forecast, trivia, and news mixed in with your message. They will look at the engagement slides, but they will see your content.

Use a digital sign to cross-promote services


Let your customers know what you do. Is there a service you provide that many people don't know about? Tell them! Also, show tips that present your business as knowledgeable and helpful while creating informed customers.

Use a digital sign to increase revenue


The bottom line is advertising. Once you have engaged and informed your customers, you can influence their buying decisions. With digital advertising screens, you can sell advertising space to suppliers, business partners, or other local businesses.

The flexibility of Retriever Digital Signage makes it ideal for various industries and provides unique possibilities for each, from internal communications to advertising and beyond.

Digital signage in retail

Retail & Service

Digital signage is a dynamic way of informing your customers of the specials, options, and services you provide that make you better than your competition.

  • Promote new products or services
  • Feature in-store specials
  • Differentiate similar products or services

Retail & Service Case Studies

Digital signs at a restaurant

Restaurant & Bar

The Retriever lets you display current specials—and even your entire menu—in an engaging, mouth-watering way. It is a dynamic, modern replacement for writing specials on a chalk or white board.

  • List menu items and choices
  • Advertise specials and "happy hours"
  • Personalize welcomes for parties or birthdays
Digital message boards in industry

Corporate & Industry

In business and manufacturing environments, viewers need to be informed, whether they are guests or employees. With the Retriever's flexibility, you can reach all your locations—from plant floors to office space to break rooms—from a single web app.

  • Improve internal communications by displaying schedules, job status, and progress reports
  • Recognize birthdays, anniversaries, or job achievements
  • Inform employees of policy changes and company news
  • Personalize a welcome for guests

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Corporate & Industry Case Studies

Digital screens at a bank

Finance & Law

The Retriever reduces perceived wait times while informing customers and clients of other services you offer. Whether it's in a bank, insurance office, or law firm, digital display boards can help showcase your knowledge and dependability.

  • Show up-to-the-minute rates
  • Cross-promote services
  • Reduce perceived wait times
  • Apprise clients of new laws and regulations

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Finance & Law Case Studies

Digital signage for healthcare

Health & Fitness

Hospitals and doctors' offices have waiting areas that can benefit from having digital signage to engage and inform patients and their families and let them know you care. Gyms and fitness centers also have a "captive audience" of customers as they work-out.

Health & Fitness Case Studies

Digital signs for education

Education & Learning

Digital signage helps schools, colleges, and libraries reinforce learning while promoting upcoming activities and events. With a Retriever digital sign, you can communicate your message campus-wide from the same web app.

  • Display upcoming schedules and events
  • Give directions to visitors
  • Send out emergency alerts

Education & Learning Case Studies

Digital screens for hotels

Hospitality & Lodging

The Retriever lets hotels and resorts personalize their interaction with guests in an effective and captivating way. From giving directions to showing the local weather forecast, digital advertising screens will give your guests an unforgettable experience.

  • Feature amenities such as your restaurant, spa, or conference center
  • List local attractions and events
  • Personalize welcomes for groups or special events like honeymooners
  • Use a guest room network

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Hospitality & Lodging Case Studies

Signage for places of worship

Worship & Outreach

Whether your place of worship is set up for small-group meetings or large worship services, a digital sign enables you to add a personal touch to your communications. Counseling centers and outreach facilities can also use it to encourage visitors.

  • Display upcoming schedules and events
  • Give directions to visitors
  • Send out emergency alerts
Digital displays for entertainment

Entertainment & Recreation

Digital signage bumps the fun up to the next level. From skating rinks and sports parks to theaters and country clubs, entertainment facilities can expand their reach and engage visitors with the Retriever.

  • Publicize upcoming events, shows, and parties
  • Show game or tournament results
  • Display the menu or specials for the concessions or snack bar
  • Give mini lessons or pro tips

Entertainment & Recreation Case Studies

Digital signage for travel

Travel & Tourism

Airports, rest stops, and museums all need to be able to communicate with visitors, and a digital sign is the perfect way to do it. Make your guests' visits memorable and enjoyable, and they will be back for more.

The question isn't who could benefit from a Retriever digital sign, but rather, who couldn't. Continue exploring to learn more about how you can benefit from our digital display boards.

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