Uniting Your School with Digital Signage

Each new school year is a fresh start, offering opportunities for teachers, administrators and students to grow and improve. As the school year begins, it’s full of the potential to be the best year yet.

Administrators have an opportunity to empower and unite their families around their school. There’s nothing like the district coming together to cheer on the sports teams or to jump to their feet to applaud their musicians. There’s more to be done, however, to unite a district.

In fact, one of the most important things a district can do to knit their community together is to communicate exceptionally well. When people know and understand what’s happening, conflict is dramatically reduced. And, when conflict is low, people spend more time doing things in support of each other and their schools and less time dealing with conflict.

At Retriever, our mission in life is to help people communicate more effectively. That’s why we created Retriever Digital Signage – it’s an easy-to-use digital message board that has been successfully bringing schools together for years.

Our clients who use Retriever on their campuses have found awesome ways to celebrate their students’ victories, ignite their students’ creativity, communicate about upcoming events, and partner with the community using their easily synced digital signage. Retriever is updated online and syncs immediately to all screens, whether they’re on site or off site.

The platform is extremely user-friendly and students are able to be a part of the process, or any adult who is comfortable with a computer is able to schedule and update easily.

Here’s how one of our schools is using Retriever to unite their school:


If you’d like to learn more about how Retriever Digital Signage might be a good solution for your district, click here to reach out!

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