Digital Signage for Government Buildings

Digital signage has long been a modern solution to the age-old problem of communicating effectively to people in public locations.

In the digital age, it’s harder than ever to catch the eye of people whose eyes are in their phones. But now, with COVID protocols, it’s even more critical to have up to the minute accurate and eye-catching communication methods.

Digital signage is the key to grabbing and holding the attention of any audience, be it employees or constituents. Retriever Digital Signage is a proven solution for businesses and government agencies because it is simple to use, effective and easily updated from anywhere, even if your employees are remote.

Government agencies are using digital signage in dozens of ways. Retriever is a great solution for maintaining a live COVID dashboard on site, for example. Many government agencies also use the power of digital signage for wayfinding, helping guests and employees navigate a building, eliminating the need to station a person at a help desk.

The shift to digital signage can immediately increase your emergency preparedness by using your digital signage in your emergency communication plan for emergency alerts. Alerts can instantly be updated at any and all locations in a moment, overriding the playlist.

For many industries, digital signage has dramatically improved staff communication, replacing outdated bulletin boards with relevant announcements, rules and regulations delivered in a method that is both eye-catching and engaging.

Government agencies have an opportunity to upgrade their communication strategies and not only save money, but save lives. We’re here to help. Simply click here to book a consult with an expert.

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New Year, New Start

We love the beginning of a new year. The holidays present a welcome break to rest and reflect, followed by the opportunity to embrace new habits, workflows and attention items as you start a new calendar.

As leaders, we are at our best when we’re improving and optimizing. But, to do that strategically and effectively, we need to first reflect upon how things are. And, reflection requires space and time.

As you break for the holidays, reflect upon the following questions:

  • What has been going well with our team?
  • Are there certain people on the team who are thriving in their current roles? Why are they thriving?
  • Are there people on the team who are struggling in their current roles? Why are they struggling?
  • Think about each system or tool your team uses.  Are people generally happy or generally frustrated with it?
  • What have been our most significant victories or celebrations this year? How do we replicate those in the next year?
  • What have been our biggest misses in the past year? How do we avoid those?
  • How is our employee morale? What has been most impactful in improving morale? What has been the most impactful in decreasing morale?
  • How is our communication to employees and customers? Where are we succeeding? Where can we grow?

As you reflect on the past year, identify 1-3 opportunities for improvement, without losing focus of the places where you’re successful. Recognizing what endeavors are successful may give you insight into how to address your weaknesses most effectively.

We work with business and human resources leaders to help them fully engage their team and communicate more effectively. A great place to start is with our HR Guide to Communication, which you can download for free here.

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Communicating Core Values with Digital Signage

When you lead a large company, each employee has a different history with the company. Their perceptions of what the company values are reflected each day in their experiences at work.

Each day, you have an opportunity as a company leader to increase your employee buy-in and provide experiences that create the kind of long-term, high value employees that we all need to thrive.

Your company’s digital signage is already an ideal channel for announcements and updates, but it also presents a perfect channel to begin the work of communicating and illustrating your company values to your team.

One way you can use your digital signage to communicate your company values is to create dedicated slides for each core value that run throughout your business. By doing this, you’ll have a regular visual reminder of the things that matter the most to your company.

Core values, though, are just ideas if not lived out. Another great way to leverage your digital signage to tell the story of your core values is to showcase those core values lived out in your company.

Company culture is, by its very definition, your core values at work. For example, let’s say your company has a core value of “commitment to customer satisfaction.” Use your digital signage to celebrate employees who have gone the extra mile for your customers and to tell stories of those core values lived out.

Finally, as a leadership team, you can live out your core values via your digital signage. If you have a core value like “have fun,” use your digital signage in a fun way! Post silly videos of your team, tell jokes and inject a little bit of fun into the workday.

Core values should be known and expressed throughout your business. If you’d like some help strategizing ways to connect your team to the things that matter most to your company, we’d be happy to assist. Schedule a 15 minute consult with one of our communication experts by clicking here.

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Digital signage is one of the best ways to upgrade your in-house communication. When you install digital signage in your business, you give your business a visual way to communicate effectively with both your employees and customers that can be updated in a snap.

But, not all digital signage is created equal. In fact, there are certain features that every business needs, but few digital signage solutions offer. So, as you consider your options, don’t settle!

Automated Engaging Content

Digital signage is an amazing communication tool because it’s visually engaging. But, truly great signage needs to be relevant, and the best way to do that is with fresh content every day. This ensures that your audience never writes it off as outdated or irrelevant, and keeps their interest.

We’ve created our digital signage to engage the viewer with news headlines, weather updates, trivia, and social media updates, automatically, for this very purpose.


Keeping your signage relevant shouldn’t come at the expense of your workflow. The best digital signage allows you to batch update all of your playlists when it’s best for you, and schedule out the publishing and unpublishing dates. Then, you ensure you never have outdated content and you make it as simple as possible for your team.

No IT Needed

When it comes to business technology, it shouldn’t always require an IT team to set up. We believe that digital signage should be easily updated by the people who need to get the messages out – your marketing team, HR team, and your business owners. Keeping the user experience simple and straightforward guarantees that anyone can use it, regardless of skill.

We want to help you find the best option for digital signage, which is why we’ve created a free downloadable comparison sheet comparing a variety of options on the market – feature for feature – to help you make an informed, smart decision.

Download the Digital Signage Comparison Sheet

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Three Secrets to Turning Off on Vacation

In our extremely virtual world, it has never been harder for people to shut down work and be truly home during time off. Especially now, when more people are working remote than ever, developing plans that will enable you and your team to truly detach from work while they’re on vacation is key.

Taking a vacation from your job often means that you may need to work ahead to keep things going while you’re out. We believe there are a few keys to making sure your time off is restorative.


If you’re used to working in the moment, you probably aren’t taking advantage of some of the ways you can schedule and automate tasks ahead of time. Things to consider scheduling out in advance include:

  • Retriever slide publishing & unpublishing
  • Email autoresponder
  • Emails (if your email client has that feature)
  • Blog posts
  • Thermostat heat/cool settings
  • Holiday light on/off settings
  • Social media posts
  • E-blasts

And, truth be told, these automations will make life even easier when you come back to work!

Turn Off Notifications

You get to decide how plugged in or unplugged you’d like to be during time off, so simply communicate that. If you want or need to totally detach, set up an alternative point of contact while you’re out of the office. Then, turn off notifications and truly don’t worry about it until you come back. 

If you decide to be partially connected, then still turn off notifications and only check email or Slack when you choose to do so, not whenever a notification crops up. Silencing the noise from the apps that we work with during the day can be one of the most important aspects of taking time off.


Take Care of Future You

One of the most challenging aspects of taking a vacation can be returning to work, so take care of future you and work ahead before you go. When you return, you won’t be overwhelmed by a daunting workload, and you can address the things that came up while you were out.

This might include making a checklist for first day back priorities, scheduling ahead a few extra things, blocking out some meeting-free hours on your first day back, or cleaning out your email inbox before you depart.

At Retriever, we believe that great communication is at the heart of a great work life, and we’d love to help you incorporate optimal communication strategies into your daily workflow. Click here to schedule a free consult with a communication expert. 


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Retriever Digital Signage

When we think about the holiday season, the first thing that comes to mind is gratitude. While this year holidays might be a bit different, there is so much still to be thankful for.

One of the privileges of offering a product like Retriever that connects people and improves communication for businesses is that we get to work with a lot of really amazing, community-minded leaders.

Our client base is made up of people who genuinely want to be more effective in their communication to both their teams and their customers. We are so humbled to partner with a wide range of industries to help them achieve that goal.

From corporations to non-profits, retail to food to education to hospitality, from big companies to small businesses, Retriever has helped countless businesses tell their stories and get their messages out more effectively.

Here are just a few stories we’re especially proud of:

Geauga County Library

The Geauga County Library uses their Retriever Digital Signage to promote upcoming events, closures, announcements, and library news, as well as pulling in the weather and social feeds. Each day, the library recommends a book on their social media channels, which automatically pulls into their Retriever playlist.

“We’re a visually driven culture, and used to looking at screens,” shares Patrick Culliton, Marketing Specialist for the Geauga County Public Library.

Mechanics Bank

Mechanics Bank in Mansfield, Ohio, is the last locally owned bank in Richland County. Their marketing states, “The only one we answer to is you.” They back that motto with an unrelenting pursuit of excellence in every possible way. Mechanics strives to enrich the lives of the people and the communities they serve.

After using another digital signage solution, the bank leaders were frustrated by the lack of control and customization of their signage. So, they chose Retriever to replace their in-house digital signage.

“It was the answer we had hoped for,” said Kristi Lord, Mechanics Bank Marketing Manager. The Retriever put the control of the bank’s digital signage totally into their hands. The system is designed to be created, managed and controlled at the local, regional or corporate level, you choose. However you design it, the Retriever obediently and seamlessly, updates in real time to keep the information flowing.

Dairy Queen

When Jana Mulherin, Co-owner of Dairy Queen in Mansfield, Ohio, first encountered Retriever, she asked herself, “How could we use that new technology?”

Once installing Retriever in her Dairy Queen restaurant, Mulherin found limitless ways to put the new digital signage to work for her business. Initially, Mulherin’s Dairy Queen began to use Retriever to introduce new products and retail older products as well as to promote sales. That’s about the point Mulherin started to get creative.

“Over time, we found our employees liked it, customers liked it, we liked it… and we thought, ‘Let’s make it a little more personal,'” shares Mulherin.

If Retriever is on your holiday wishlist, we’d love to help you make communicating even more effectively possible! Reach out for a free consult by clicking here.

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Celebrating Seasonal Holidays in Residential Care

As the holidays approach, this year looks a bit different for all of us. Making the holidays special even if we can’t be near our families is important to us all, but it’s critically important for the residents in your care facility.

There are many ways to add a little bit of joy to the seasons in your nursing home or senior living facility. Holiday decor, music and seasonal favorite foods are one way to make the winter holidays special.

But if your residents are lonesome for family and friends, and the pandemic is preventing you from bringing them together in person, how can you bring those loved ones near?

For facilities using digital signage, that’s easy! Ask loved ones to send in video messages, and you can add them to your Retriever playlist. Each day, they can see their beloved families and those of their neighbors showcased and bringing holiday greetings into their homes.

Being able to see friendly smiles and laughing children is an encouragement for all, and by using your Retriever Digital Signage, you remove the technological barrier for residents who are less savvy with technology, autoplaying the videos as a part of a Retriever playlist. Moreover, it allows residents to see their loved ones multiple times as the playlist cycles.

If you haven’t yet installed Retriever in your residential living facility, what are you waiting for? Reach out and set up a free virtual consult here.

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If you’re already using Retriever Digital Signage in your workplace, you understand the economic and attention-grabbing value of a dynamic, colorful signage. But, often our customers install Retriever for one usage and overlook other ways they can be leveraging the power of digital signage in their business.

There are three ways that every company can use our Retriever Digital Signage to change the game with their business communication:

Engaging Content

If you want to be sure that your most important messages have the attention they deserve, you need to always be delivering value with your Retriever playlist. This approach ensures that people pay attention because they don’t write it off as a waste of time.

Valuable content can be anything from relevant reminders, weather forecasts, local news headlines, interesting facts, profiles on individuals in your company, encouragement, photos of your customers/employees. Avoid having outdated or too many ads on your playlist so that your message comes through loud and clear.

Important Announcements

When something crops up unexpectedly or all of a sudden, digital signage is an amazing way to get the word out quickly and visually across your entire organization.  Whether the news is good or bad, the digital screens posted around your company are the optimal place to communicate that information immediately.

Social Content

Your brand’s presence on social media has been carefully cultivated, so why leave it there? Your Retriever Digital Signage is setup to pull in your social feeds to engage your viewer with rich content. Using your digital signage to showcase your brand’s message to people in your physical space.

If you haven’t installed Retriever Digital Signage yet, there’s never been a better time. Click here to set up a free consult with one of our owners.

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Express Gratitude to Your Employees

There is nothing more important to your business than the quality of your employees. A great product or service succeeds or fails based on the people in the company.

But, it can be easy to overlook the importance of telling your employees how valuable they are to your company. Did you know that expressing gratitude to your team will both improve your workplace culture and can help you retain your great employees long term? According to Forbes, 66% of employees would leave their job if they didn’t feel appreciated.

Fostering a culture of gratitude on your team, especially during these stressful times, will not only improve your employee morale, it can have a positive impact on your company’s bottom line as you retain more of your great employees.

Celebrate Accomplishments

It can be hard to weigh our wins as heavily as our losses. The more focused anyone becomes on the misses, the more inclined they are to buy into imposter syndrome, the idea that they aren’t qualified to do what they’re doing. To combat this insecurity, celebrate when things are going well!

Say a Sincere “Thank You”

A paycheck is a transactional exchange for services rendered, but a real “thank you” can go a long way to let your team know how grateful you are that they choose to work for your company. Find opportunities to demonstrate your gratitude in unexpected places and methods and truly delight your employees.

Showcase Your End Users

Depending where your company falls in the supply chain, they may not ever see the end user of the work they’re doing. Find ways to visually connect them to the “why” behind your company and you’ll feel the roots deepen for your team.

If you’re looking for some more ways to create a culture of gratitude on your team, we believe it all starts with excellent communication. We’d love to help you foster that culture with our guide to communications, which you can download for free here:
Download our Communications Guide

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Communicating with Distracted Employees

We’ve all been there as employers. We think we’re being clear, we think we’re getting the message out, but it’s not sinking in. So, we schedule the meeting and we create the memo and we post it on the bulletin board, but alas, our efforts feel futile.

Why has communication become more challenging in the communication age?

For one, we live in an age where there is a LOT of competition for our employee’s attention. If you want to get your message to land, you need to build in repetitions of that message. Studies tell us that to effectively help someone change a behavior, they need to hear or see a message repeated a minimum of seven times.

Getting your message to stand out amid the din of their devices is job one. People get hundreds of notifications every day and are often operating on information overload. Your employees may be struggling to prioritize what’s most important to give their attention to at any given moment. For example, when they walk down the hall, they are more likely looking at their phones than the bulletin board.

Another key to communicating with distracted employees is to help them understand why a change is happening. If you can tie your new policy to the reason why it exists, it will connect in a deeper, more impactful way. Tell the story behind the change, help them understand the rationale and bring them in on the reasoning and it’s far more likely to take hold.

We created Retriever Digital Signage specifically to solve these communication frustrations in your workplace. If you’re tired of losing hours in your week to ineffective communication, let’s chat for 15 minutes and we’ll tell you about how we can help. Click here to schedule.

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