Employee retention made easy

As an HR representative, your success hinges entirely on how well you’re able to communicate to your team. Retriever Digital Signage gives you the solutions for keeping your employees satisfied, informed, and feeling like they’re a part of the team, all the while saving you money, time, and effort.

Simple and clear messages

With as many moving parts as your business has, it can be difficult to find time to send necessary messages across to your employees. Retriever allows you to quickly update slides with relevant information all while displaying eye-catching animations. Whether you are communicating schedules, policy changes, company news, or progress reports, Retriever can effectively get your message across. Rather than sending out emails or posting flyers on bulletin boards, Retriever ensures that all info can be easily found in one place so there is no confusion among employees.

Improvements in business culture

With the generational shifts happening in the workforce, business culture has also been experiencing many changes. With these changes have come unique challenges, specifically for HR professionals trying to create positive atmospheres in the workplace. Although employee engagement efforts are struggling, all hope is not lost. With Retriever Digital Signage, you can create a more personal environment in your workplace. Update your Retriever daily with employee birthdays, work anniversaries, and job achievements. Though these are seemingly small gestures, this is a great way to remind your employees that they are valued and appreciated. 

In addition to slides relating directly to your employees, you can also use Retriever Digital Signage as a way to make your workplace more enjoyable. You can load pregenerated slides onto your screens displaying things like trivia and “on this day in history” fun facts. These update automatically for you, so once you include them in your slideshow, we’ll take care of updating them daily! This is a great, eye catching way to make your employees’ days more enjoyable and improve the overall culture of your workplace.

Employee retention

One of the most important aspects of employee retention is making sure they feel valued. With Retriever Digital Signage, you have the ability to quickly and easily develop personalized messaging that will make your employees feel as though you are communicating directly with them. This increased engagement will improve your employee’s overall workplace experience and when your employees are happy, they will want to stay with your organization.

Remote content management

We believe in improving your communication without adding any additional stress or hassle to your life. We’ve made the process of using your Retriever as flexible and easy as possible. This is why we’re giving you the tools to manage your Retriever content from any location and at any time of day. If you need to quickly add a slide to your playlist with an alert or update, you can access our tools from any modern browser and device.

Content variations across screens

It takes a lot of different individuals completing a lot of different tasks to keep a business up and running successfully. Because of this, different employees need to receive different messaging depending on their specific job. Retriever offers flexibility for you to send different messaging to different screens within your business. For example, you can manage different locational content – from plant floors, to office spaces, to the break room – from a single web app. In doing this, each location can house its own display screen on which to feature the appropriate information for that specific audience.