3 Tips for Maximizing Productivity

We’ve all had weeks where we felt like we just couldn’t get a thing done. Between too many meetings, the never-ending inbox, and the ever-increasing to do list, “maximizing productivity” can sound a little bit like discovering a leprechaun.

Luckily, it’s not as mystical as it seems, but increasing your weekly output can happen when you prioritize a few great habits for the 21st century workplace. Here are our top 3 tips for maximizing productivity, even if it seems impossible:

Schedule Ahead

Schedule Ahead

For companies and professionals who have been at this awhile, the landscape of digital marketing can seem more than daunting. A 21st century communications strategy requires daily output, sometimes multiple times a day. These little interruptions (tweet!) can derail (post!) your entire (gram!) workday if you’re not careful. Luckily, most digital tools allow you to schedule ahead as far in advance as you like, and you should. On our Retriever Digital Signage interface, we have created this feature as well – so do all your signs for a month in a few minutes when you have time, and then focus on the work that matters.

Quit Multitasking


What we once considered a fine skill has turned into a lack of focus in the 21st century. Multitasking divides your attention and is a killer for productivity. When you’re working on a project, let that be the only window open on your screen. Close your email and focus on the task at hand. It will go faster, you’ll do a better job at it, and the same emails will be there when you get that job done.

Work in 90-minute Intervals

Take Breaks

Ever hear of the law of diminishing returns? It’s true of your productivity too. That all-nighter might get the job done, but it won’t be your best work and you will likely spend more time on it than you would if you set boundaries around your project time. So, set a timer and at the end of 90 minutes take a break, get some fresh air or take a brief walk around your workspace, and then check those notifications you’ve silenced for the past 90 minutes.  After about 15-30 minutes, jump back into that project, or start a new one with fresh eyes.

Our team can help you maximize productivity with our easy digital signage solution. Email us at contact@retrieverdigitalsignage.com or call 419-525-2127 and we’ll get to work.

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