Grow your business through better communication

In attempting to grow and improve your business, you probably feel like you’ve tried everything. It is often said that “communication is key,” yet we tend to put our communication practices on the back burner when brainstorming ways to promote growth. With Retriever Digital Signage, we’ve developed tools for you to use to improve both your communication with your customers and your engagement with your employees. These tools are designed specifically to help you improve your relationships with your customers and increase employee retention, two crucial aspects of growing your business. 


  • Unlimited playlists
  • Unlimited slides per playlist
  • Vertical and horizontal orientations
  • Live slide previews
  • Instant publishing and unpublishing

Slide designer

  • Interchangeable foregrounds and backgrounds
  • Beautiful animations
  • Customizable content per slide
  • Shareable slide previews
  • Scheduled publishing

Media library

  • Image and video uploads
  • Media tagging
  • Image manipulation and transformation
  • Live video previews
  • Unlimited data storage


  • Eye-catching designs and animations
  • Add a template to multiple playlists at once
  • Interchangeable background animations
  • Weather, trivia and more dynamic content slides
  • New templates added regularly