Digital Signage: Keeping Retailers Vibrant in a Changing Economy

The retail industry is being forced to reimagine its business model as it faces the persistent challenge of serving local customers in worldwide marketplace that includes online competitors. Nationwide, retail stores are closing at an alarming rate three times that of even a year ago. National brands like Payless, The Limited, Sears, and dozens more have shuttered their doors as those stores remaining are innovating and rethinking how they do business in this new global economy. In-store digital signage is key to the next generation’s strategy for remaining vibrant and relevant to customers.

Retailers need to streamline their in-store advertising, reducing staff time and printing/shipping costs. With the flexibility of digital signage, one marketing manager can update an unlimited number of screens from their desk in a matter of seconds.

Moreover, changes in buyer experience can happen in mere moments. Celebrating a special customer? Need to promote a specific item? Tailor the advertising to the clientele in your store while they shop without interrupting their privacy.

The 21st century customer wants more in depth information about your products and buying experience, automatically. They’re looking for the same level as detail as they might find online, but they also don’t want to be sold in a traditional way by your employees. Allow your digital signage to seamlessly provide the information they’re looking for and expedite their purchase.

By incorporating an innovative digital signage strategy, your retail store’s vitality is sure to increase in an ever-changing market. Let our experts help as you consider these new options and take your retail location to the next level.

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