Business Goals

Keep your communication out of the trash


You and I know that our world is a fast-paced, instant communication place to be. Gone are the days of people standing around a bulletin board scribbling notes into their day timer. For that matter, the days of people actually sitting down and reading all the emails in their inbox are also gone. If you want the communication within your organization to be effective, you’ve got to adjust to the speed of society.

It seems pretty obvious, doesn’t it? Using Retriever Digital Signage, you have a simple and cost-effective method of keeping your communications up to date. TV signage is sure to catch and captivate the eyes of your employees and visitors. Instead of hoping that the person scribbling your latest client meeting on the break room whiteboard has neat handwriting (and actually wrote the details down correctly), you can insert a new slide into your playlist with the click of a button. And with the Retriever 2.0, this addition is instant! 

Using Retriever Digital Signage for your internal communication, you can help to cut down on the employee frustration at the amount of time they spend sifting through emails and inbox messages. Did you know that an average employee will receive 304 business emails in a given week? Between department-wide communications, team meetings and corporate emails, it becomes an unappealing task to discern what information is actually worthwhile. Additionally, an average of 10 IQ points (the same effect as a missed night of sleep!) are lost when time is spent constantly fielding emails. I don’t know about your company, but that’s not what we want for our employees!

Since you can use your digital display to target your employees specifically, consider using it as a motivational tool. Often, when people see they are not directly referred to in an email, they will just delete it and move on. The recognition and announcements go unnoticed. Instead, make a point to include slides in your playlist that are created specifically to honor those employees who go above and beyond their job descriptions, make the highest sales or celebrate an anniversary. A public acknowledgement and celebration, even on an information monitor can go a long way in boosting morale. 

Once you’ve used your Retriever Digital Signage to communicate with your employees the news and accomplishments, you’ll notice their increased attention to the screens. Why not use this as an opportunity to motivate them? Display sales numbers and approaching deadlines so that everyone can see where your company is in the process of a new product roll-out and remind everyone of their responsibilities to the group through their participation. You can create an increased sense of community when different departments are aware of their co-workers’ projects and deadlines. Combining this communication emphasis with recognition of those who are going above and beyond can also serve as an internal recommendation for your employees who are looking for a specialist who can answer their questions!

Incorporating Retriever Digital Signage into your company carries a wide range of benefits. In addition to the information screens your employees view, tv signage can also be placed in the lobby that displays slides appropriate for public viewing. Behind the scenes you can communicate with the people who make your company what it is, while those visiting get to see just how special your company is because of those employees! Take a bold step and make your communication relevant and effective. The results? They speak for themselves!

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