Festivity for Every Holiday on Your Retrievers

Festivity for Every Holiday on Your Retrievers

When October hits, the wild string of holidays from Halloween to Valentine’s Day take off! This year more than ever, showing a little festivity around the holidays can add a spark of enthusiasm to your workplace.

Retriever Digital Signage was created with an aim of simplifying your job. When it comes to getting your message across in an eye-catching, festive way, we’ve got your back. Our Retriever slide template library is full of fun, seasonal slides for every holiday.

Holiday Slides from Retriever Digital SignageSimply navigate to the “Holidays” category on your Retriever dashboard. We’ve created dozens of slides for many of the year’s holidays. And, if you’re the type of person who likes to work ahead, we’ve made it simple to schedule your slides to deliver on time, and unpublish whenever you’re ready.

Moreover, our Retriever Digital Signage allows you to instantly sync across numerous locations and installation sites. Whether your place of business is one large facility or multiple campuses, update your Retrievers without ever leaving your desk.

Sprinkle in some seasonal festivity with your Retrievers and bring a smile to your employees and customers while getting your message across effectively. If we can do anything to help optimize your Retrievers, reach out!

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