Veterinarians accent individuality with retriever digital signage

How Veterinarians Celebrate Pets with Digital Signage

At DRM Productions, we really love pets. If you’ve ever visited our office in Mansfield, you’ve probably been greeted by Rusty or Boris, our furry doormen, and you’ve probably already noticed that retrievers play pretty prominently in our business.

So, it’s as important to us as it is to our veterinary customers and their clients that every pet has a happy, healthy home. We love working with animals and the people who work with them, and we know that the innocence and brilliance of these creatures is something to celebrate.

Naturally, we get very excited when we see our Retriever screens used in creative ways to celebrate pets. When someone comes to the veterinarian’s office, sometime’s it just for a checkup or a shot, but as we all know, those visits can also be laden with heartache. A sick pet or a furry friend at the end of its life can make the wait time for a veterinarian a very stressful and seemingly long time, agitating the patients and putting them on edge before they ever enter the room.

It’s critical for a veterinarian to put the client at ease while they wait so that the patient can be calmly evaluated and helped in any way possible. One way you can passively do that is through your digital signage in your lobby. Welcome the arrival of your patients, memorialize losses, and make your patients feel like valued family members while they wait. Accenting on their individuality can put your client at ease before they ever walk into an exam room.

Digital signage is also a great way to communicate with your patients about additional service offerings, so you’re not leaving potential revenue on the table but you’re also not putting your staff in an uncomfortable position of up-selling a client who may be experiencing complex emotions at their visit.

Retriever Digital Signage is really simple and quick to program, so your already over-stretched staff doesn’t need to spend more than a couple of minutes scheduling out your signs for the week. Our interface is so simple, even the puppies could handle it. (Ok, maybe not, but close!)

We’d love to help you find ways to make your patients feel like your family, so bark at us here and we’ll show you how to take your practice to the next level.

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