When you need to get the news out FAST

6a0133f51b1284970b0147e0249bdf970bHave you ever considered how your organization will handle an emergency situation? Emergencies can happen quickly, and with the need for safety to be top priority, a solution needs to be in place before it is required. Using the Retriever Digital Signage, you can quickly update your screens and the announcement can be displayed in multiple locations (rooms, lobbies, buildings) throughout the campus.

In the event of a weather emergency, we can create custom connections to many existing software packages and allow you to keep your viewers aware of where and when the weather will arrive. Preparedness goes beyond bottled water and flashlight batteries; being able to keep your viewers updated on how to respond is a huge part! Additionally, when your patrons see the efforts you make to go above and beyond by keeping them safe, you’ll gain their loyalty

In the school setting, the threat of a lockdown poses an additional challenge of getting information to each classroom. In cases where cell phone reception is not strong, a text from teacher to teacher isn’t the best option. Neither is hoping someone can outrun the emergency and communicate the plan with each room. Circumstances like this deny the school administrators from their usual means of communication, but Retriever Digital Signage acts as a visual communicator that can instantly reach an entire campus worth of digital displays!

Traditionally, when communication needs to occur, a great deal of man power is spent on creating and organizing the communication. But in an emergency, every moment counts and every bit of man power can be used. Especially for schools, these moments are vital. Through the use of Retriever Digital Signage, one can streamline the communications throughout the campus, allowing the focus of energy to be where it is needed most: before, during and after the crisis.


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