High School Uses Digital Signage to Communicate with Students


Clear Fork High School saw the potential of digital signage several years ago. They were one of the first customers of a new product on the market at that time called, Retriever Digital Signage. With thanks to the Clear Fork Athletic Boosters, the high school in Bellville, Ohio, now has an athletic wall of fame with digital signage as an important element.

Retriever Digital Signage has made a short video (3 minutes long, produced by DRM Productions) that highlights why students and teachers like digital signage. All agree the Retriever signage is something they look for each day. According to school staff they see that computers, phones and iPads are all things students interact with every day.  The Retriever is another branch of that technology.

The signage is in the commons area and lunch room at Clear Fork High School. In this location all students and staff see the digital sign the first thing in the morning and many other times throughout the day. But the influence of the digital sign reaches beyond the high school. According to teacher Jeremy Riddle, “Anything that we want to get the word out in the valley, the Retriever does a great job for us.”

“Parents see it when they pick up their kids, they come to musicals and different events and see this twenty-four – seven,” according to Rusty Staab from Clear Fork. Judy Golden, English Teacher at the high school says, “I love it. It is a great communication tool.”

Retriever Digital Signage shows not only athletic achievements but all school activities.
“It’s all about the kids, not just the athletes. A lot of kids don’t see their name in the paper…It covers everyone and it makes them all feel important,” said Kerri Gottfried a teacher at Clear Fork.

The signage is so easy to update that it is refreshed with new content on most days. Keeping the information fresh and up-to-date is a key element to maintaining viewer interest. Other feathers of the Retriever like: scheduling, the ability to update from anywhere with an Internet connection, automatic weather updates, animated backgrounds and special holiday and event signs all make the sign an attractive addition that communicates everyday, all day.

Dave Damron

Dave Damron

Dave Damron founded DRM Productions — the creators of Retriever Digital Signage — in 1984. He brings a creative and unique set of eyes to the table for any photography and videography projects. Dave’s passion for photography extends beyond work and he also enjoys gardening and woodworking in his free time.

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  1. The digital signage has really been helpful these days because you can do so many things with it by making great presentations or displays for everyone to enjoyed or be informed. Where better to put these things than in schools where students learn lots of things.

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