Return On Investment

Return on Investment in Digital Signage is a complicated topic.  Sure there are calculators out there to make the numbers make sense based on selling ads, or expected sales increases.  However, there are so many different markets that Digital Signage can benefit, and thus there are many types of returns that digital signage can bring.  This takes ROI far beyond what a simple calculator can quantify.  We’re going to look at how Digital Signage can increase your customer satisfaction, grant you financial benefits, increase brand recognition, help you communicate with impact, add to your emergency alerting capabilities, and more.Screen shot 2013-02-05 at 12.58.12 AM

We’ve all had to wait.  Whether it’s for 30 minutes in a doctor’s office or for 2 minutes at the bank.  Waiting stinks.  You can literally feel the seconds ticking by if you don’t have anything else to occupy your mind.  Utilization of a digital signage system in those queuing choke points of your establishment can reduce perceived wait times.  You can grab their attention, and surprise them with how quickly the line moves.  You can engage them with relevant and entertaining content.  Your content.

Your content lets you ensure your brand is forefront in your location.  No one wants to see their competitor’s ad running in their own establishment.  Yet using a flat screen to run cable news shows can lead to just that!  Your brand would be hurt immensely.  Now imagine the flip side of that where your content runs 24/7, reinforcing your brand as the complete package.  Brand recognition and confidence goes up, and your product or service are better off for it.

Your products and services also have an ROI factor in digital signage.  A local hardware store can tout the benefits of a lithium ion based power tools package with better margins.  Restaurants can grab the attention of the hungry diner with mouth-watering imagery of appetizers that could fly out of the kitchen as soon as they’re seated. Hotels can show the benefits of paying for a room with a view or various suite upgrades.  Up-selling via gorgeous, large-scale imagery on the spot and at the point of decision could be all the ROI convincing your business needs!

Those large screens can serve another purpose altogether with alerting capabilities.  Need to evacuate one building and lock down all others?  How about showing the picture of a missing child to your entire organization instantly?  Or needing to visualize a message in addition to audial warnings?  Get those specific messages instantly displayed across your entire campus.

Screen shot 2013-02-05 at 1.12.52 AM

Communication is a key benefit in more ways than one.  Increase your employee loyalty and camaraderie by communicating anniversaries, birthdays, picnics, and more by placing a screen in the break room.  Keep the pressure to keep up productivity and keep down accidents by visually showing progress in innovative ways on the production floor.  Make sure church congregants know what’s coming up for the week by maintaining an events list. There are countless ways to increase internal communication via digital signage.

Our customers are surprising us daily with how they communicate via the Retriever.  There is a local dry-cleaner who is helping customer’s feel better about pricing by showing gas and electric bills to run giant machinery it takes to get the job done.  Country clubs are increasing member participation and competition by putting up round scores on a daily and weekly basis in prominent locations.

The returns you can get from your investment in a digital signage system go far beyond the basic numbers.  Some returns are easier to count then others, but make sure your thinking through all the benefits possible through this new(er) form of communication.  As you’re looking for the right system for your organization, make sure you consider all the possible returns and get a system that will let you take advantage of them quickly and easily.

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