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The Most Important Features Your Digital Signage Needs to Have

Your business needs to do a better job communicating with your employees and customers, there’s no question. Communication is one of the biggest struggles many businesses face, and one great way to combat poor communication is with great digital signage.

If you’re already using digital signage or you’ve made the decision to get digital signage, you know how effective it is at drawing the eye and keeping people engaged – far outpacing static signage in your business. Simply put, people love to look at screens!

But, not all digital signage is created equally. If you’re considering purchasing digital signage for the first time, or replacing the system you currently use, there are several features that you will want to be familiar with before making a decision.

Auto-Sync Across Unlimited Locations

One of the key benefits of using digital signage is the fact that you can update your signage across numerous locations at once. However, if you’re using an in-house solution like a thumb drive or PowerPoint, you’ll face the challenge of having to update each screen individually. Being able to update from anywhere with web-based digital signage software is key!

Automated Content

When it comes to digital signage, there’s one important trick that will make or break your success in communicating with your employees & customers: automated content. When content is fresh every single time they look at the screen, they’re more likely to engage. The moment it becomes outdated, though, you’re training people to disengage. Look for signage with the ability to pull in your social posts, trivia, local news, and weather for automated, relevant content.

Instant Updates

When it’s time to make a change, you shouldn’t have to wait! Updates shouldn’t have to be scheduled out – though, the ability to schedule when you want to is another key feature worth looking for. When you click publish, you should see it on your digital signs without wasting your time waiting.

Emergency Alert Capabilities

We live in a time where every business needs to think about what they would do in the case of an emergency. Being able to override your playlist on your digital signage with an emergency alert that instantly syncs to all of your screens, no matter where they are, could  save lives when it counts the most.

Easy-to-Use Templates

Chances are, you’re not a graphic designer. And, if you have a graphic designer, odds are good they have a full workload. Your digital signage needs to be usable by anyone at any time, and that’s why customizable templates are such an important feature.


We created Retriever Digital Signage with all of these features, and many more, because it’s important to us to see our customers succeed at communicating more effectively. If you’re thinking about digital signage for your business, we created this Digital Signage Comparison Chart to help you make an informed decision. Click here to download!

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