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Why Individuality Retains Employees Longer

Educators strive and frequently succeed in making students feel valued as individuals. Educational initiatives like Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences, professional development initiatives for educators focused on differentiation, and opportunities to celebrate students individually through awards, achievements, and special days ensure that at some point, by the time a student graduates, they’ll have been made to feel special and fully seen.

When that student grows and enters the workplace, however, it’s not always a guarantee that they will continue to feel the value of their individuality. In fact, in many industries, it’s nearly impossible to emphasize the individual and get the job done, particularly if you’re juggling hundreds or thousands of employees. Considering that focusing and celebrating the individual has been a tenet of the educational system these workers graduated from, employee morale can be severely threatened if businesses don’t find a way to celebrate each one of their people and get the job done.

Human Resources professionals know how important it is to retain staff, not just to the workload and morale, but to the bottom line.

“The Society for Human Research Management estimates that the cost of directly replacing an employee can run as high as 50 to 60 percent of their annual salary, and total associated costs of turnover can rise to 90 to 200 percent.”
Kate Mosteller, PennFoster

One proven method to improve employee retention is through personalization. Helping your staff to feel seen by their employer, like an individual rather than a number or a machine, is key to ensuring their long tenure at your company.

“Individualization accomplishes many goals at once. It demonstrates that your business cares about its employees, and is willing to make sacrifices to keep them on board. It satisfies the modern worker’s need for personal development and freedom. It even helps workers find the work they feel is most rewarding, and accomplish it in more productive ways.”Larry Alton for Forbes

Individualization, however, can be challenging to navigate without breaking the budget. While there are many great paths to individualizing your workplace, one simple and affordable way is to utilize your digital signage throughout your workplace to celebrate your team.

Share your employees personal achievements, celebrate their birthdays or anniversaries, find ways to put their names up for their co-workers to see. Seeing their name in writing goes so far beyond simply making sure their supervisor knows their names. Having opportunities to celebrate each other builds and bonds a team.

Moreover, peppering your slides with interesting and heartwarming information will dramatically increase engagement with the information you’re trying to communicate about company goals and important HR initiatives.

If you haven’t set your workplace up yet with digital signage, or need some more ideas for leveraging your Retriever system for employee retention, we’d love to help. Just reach out here and we’ll get you going.

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