Changing the Game for Retail


Business owners who have worked in retail for a long time all agree – business looks different today than it did ten years ago. The dawn of the digital age has ensured that only the fittest retail businesses have endured. What are they doing differently than their competition?

Retail businesses that have evolved to communicate with their customers in a changing market are finding more success.

“We have static signs throughout the mall, and a lot of them anymore carry a generic message because we found that people just don’t stop to read them,” explains Jodi Scott from Richland Mall.

The difference for retail owners is with digital signage. Digital signage allows a customer to be drawn in with eye-catching graphics and animation, a higher volume of content, and the ability to deliver more than just an advertisement.

Rob Knowlton of Hursh Drug expresses, “We actually have people say… they like the weather, they like the trivia questions.” For Hursh, digital signage entertains their customers while they wait, while educating them about their brand and services, decreasing their customer’s perceived wait times and providing value for both the customer and the business.

“I just love being able to change it, every day,” shares Andy Scharosch of Professional Image Uniforms. For businesses still employing static signage, once it’s up, you’re stuck with it for awhile.

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Colleen Cook

Colleen Cook

Colleen Cook works full-time as the Director of Operations at Vinyl Marketing in Ashland, Ohio, where she resides with her husband Mike and three young daughters. She's an insatiable extrovert who enjoys finding reasons to gather people.