Digital Signage

3 Quick Content Refreshers


Retriever Digital Signage was created to help your organization communicate effectively. It is our goal to help you do away with static paper signs and create a communication campaign that is engaging and effective. We’ve created a variety of slides for you to use in your campaigns, jump starting the creative process and taking the intimidation out of the tv signage concept. What is left for you to do? Keep it fresh.

Keep in mind the location of your screens in order to determine the length of your playlist. The longer a person is in viewing range of your tv signage, the more opportunities they will have to see the play list loop and repeat. When your play list is not active enough, you run the risk that instead of being a valuable tool, your Retriever Digital Signage is only a fancy piece of artwork in your lobby.

There are very simple solutions to remedy this tragic possibility:

  • Don’t disregard the RSS feed. Link up and use their content to create added interest to your play list.
  • News and weather updates keep your audience informed about what’s going on outside the walls of your building, help to pass the time and stay current.
  • Don’t forget your social media! Encouraging your viewers both in front of the digital screen and through their feeds to participate in a call to action, creates fresh interest and activity to link to your screens.

Retriever Digital Signage goes beyond creating a good first impression and holding your viewers’ attention. When you use it creatively, you have the power to take a nifty sign out of the usual expectations, increase customer loyalty and solidify your brand influence.

The presence of Retriever Digital Signage in your organization already tells viewers that you are looking to the future of communication by tossing the florescent copy paper handouts and creating a connection point through technology. Capitalize on this connection by preventing content interest from competing with the lobby wallpaper.