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As business owners, we know that when you have a great employee, it’s vital to your business to keep them on your team. It’s costly to the bottom line, as well as the morale of the team, to lose your great staff members. Some studies indicate that it’s as costly as 6-9 months of the staff member’s salary to recruit and retrain a new team member! A Human Resources team that communicates well can make all the difference when it comes to employee retention.

Numerous academic studies indicate that effective communication is vital to employee retention and motivation. “Workers consider effective communication very important to their motivation and vital source of their affiliation with the organization and retention,” states this study from the 2012 International Conference on Arts, Behavioral Sciences and Economics Issues.

As communication experts at Retriever Digital Signage, we believe in equipping your HR team with state-of-the-art communication tools that make a high visual impact without costing you valuable time. That’s why we’ve made the Retriever platform simple to use, intuitive, and customizable.

Especially in the 21st century, our eyes are drawn to screens. Moving backlit images with colors are far more likely to capture the attention of your employees than static memos on a cluttered bulletin board. When you have a message to send, meet your team where they already are and send it out using your Retriever screens.

What’s more, repetition is the proven way to ensure that a message is received and processed. That’s why, with Retriever, your playlist will automatically cycle throughout the workday.

When you adopt Retriever as a part of your workplace, we will collaborate with your team on designing a layout that works best for you. Whether you position screens throughout the work zones, in waiting areas, in staff lounges, or in offices, you can declutter the inbox and ensure high impact by communicating with your team through the Retriever platform.

We want to see your business thrive, and employee retention is a critical aspect of any thriving business. In fact, we’ve written a book all about how to effectively communicate as a Human Resources professional, and we’d love to give you a free copy:

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Colleen Cook

Colleen Cook

Colleen Cook works full-time as the Director of Operations at Vinyl Marketing in Ashland, Ohio, where she resides with her husband Mike and three young daughters. She's an insatiable extrovert who enjoys finding reasons to gather people.