Maximizing Impact with Your Digital Signage

When you make the move to digital signage, you’ve already wisely selected eye-catching and engaging signage that will attract viewers instantly. But, if your signage isn’t getting the traction it used to, it might be time to make a few simple adjustments to maximize impact for your business.

Whether you are using digital signage for internal communication with your team, or for promotional and educational purposes with your customers and clients, these helpful tips will help you take your Retrievers to the next level.


Variety: It’s the Spice of Life

One rookie mistake we often see with businesses using digital signage is that they only include informational slides in their playlists. Ad, ad, ad, ad, ad, ad. While it might seem counter-intuitive to mix unrelated slides into your playlist, our research actually indicates that engagement is far higher when you mix in entertaining content among informational slides.

Imagine you work for a large manufacturer and your HR team has placed a Retriever screen in the break room. If every slide on the playlist is another HR announcement, same every day, do you think your employees are going to look at the screen or are they going to ignore it and stare at their phones?

Now imagine that it regularly updates with entertaining trivia, daily news headlines, and weather forecasts? What if they saw special accolades of themselves and their colleagues there? They are far more likely to engage with the “same old” necessary announcements when they’re entertained by the things they actually care about. If you think about it, that’s the entire principle of social media!


Photos & Videos

We believe in a simple, no fuss solution to digital signage, and that’s why we’ve created the Retriever platform. You don’t need a graphic designer or a videographer to create beautiful, engaging signage. But, it’s likely that your business is already creating videos for social media already. And, if that’s the case, those videos can work double time for you by including them on your Retriever screens. Not only will they increase engagement with your important content, but they will enhance the overall experience for the viewer.


Location, Location, Location

When we work with Retriever clients, we put a great deal of thought into where your digital signage is installed on site. Finding the right location for your digital signage where viewing is optimal is key. Do your viewers have clear visibility of the screens? Are they spending a great deal of wait time or leisure time in the spaces where your screens are installed? Is the information they’re seeing on those screens relevant to their experience in that location? Is the screen resolution clearly visible at a normal distance?

Digital signage is only as good as its content, and if you can’t see the content, then it’s just no good at all. When you adopt Retriever Digital Signage, we’ll help you optimize your screen placement for the ideal level of engagement for your audience.
If we can help take your signage to the next level, click here and set up a conversation.

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Retire Your Pushy Salesman - Adopt a Retriever

One of our clients relayed this in-store experience she had while she was buying a new cell phone:

I had ordered my new cell phone online and was picking it up in the local retail store. While I waited for them to bring the phone out, I was perusing the cases that they had in stock, thinking that I might buy one.

The employee who had checked me in and was retrieving my phone mentioned that they had an accessories special going on and would go grab my phone and then tell me more. As I looked at the cases, there were no prices on the products, and no signage about the special anywhere to be seen. Since I’d already spent a lot of money on the phone, I was hesitant to make any significant additional purchase, but was definitely interested in hearing about the promotion.

When the employee returned, he was carrying a pair of expensive ear buds and some screen protectors for my phone and said that if I were to bundle the case with screen protectors and earbuds, he could save me $80 and would bundle them all for $200.

I felt a little trapped by the pushy salesman, and still very unclear on what the promotion was, so I ended up leaving with just the phone and bought the screen protectors and case online instead.

There were quite a few missteps in this client’s buyer experience at this store that not only resulted in the loss of a potential sale for the store, but in a decreased lifetime value for that customer who will likely avoid their storefront going forward after a negative experience.

If this cell phone retailer had employed effective digital signage near the accessories, while the customer waited, the experience would have gone very differently. While the employee found her order, the customer could have learned about the promotion as she browsed and considered whether it would have been of value.

Then, when the employee returned, she could have asked questions about the promotion. Communicating the promotion digitally gives the store not only flexibility to run short promotions without an added advertising expense, it also shifts that staff member’s role from “pushy salesman” to “helpful resource.”

Now more than ever, it’s a critical time for stores to make the buying experience an enjoyable, welcoming one in which your store is communicating effectively and your customer feels valued. Digital signage is an effective way to take your store’s communication to the next level. Click here to set up a meeting and we can help you strategize ways to get started.

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Three Reasons Your Store Should Adopt Digital Signage

It comes as no surprise to any retail business that times have changed. Customers shop differently today than they did in any previous decade. Your store now not only competes with your local competitors, it’s a part of a worldwide marketplace that exists online simultaneously with your physical storefront. Your customers make decisions about your product and whether they’re ready to buy before they every walk through your doors. So, how do you position your employees as relational experts rather than pushy salespeople?

We believe that Retriever Digital Signage is the key to rescuing your relationships with your customers and maximizing profits for your retail business. Here are three ways adopting Retriever screens into your storefront will help you:

1. Educate 

The twenty-first century buyer is looking to your store to be the expert in your field. Essentially, if you know the most about your product, then it’s a fair assumption for your customer that your product will be of high quality. People are willing to pay marginally more for quality items. While you can and should tell your customers that your items are quality, demonstrating your expertise and teaching your customers allows them to draw the conclusion that you are the expert, resulting in a deeper belief in that fact.

Your Retriever screens are an ideal channel to educate. You can create simple slides or videos with expert tips and tricks. For example, a clothing boutique could use their Retrievers to showcase slides or videos with laundering tips, outfit suggestions, style guides, and upcoming trends. Bonus: you can utilize the same content on your social media platforms or in your email marketing campaigns!

2. Entertain 

Entertaining your customers is one of the best ways to improve their overall experience in your store. It’s the same reason you have music playing over your sound system, you carefully consider your employee uniform, your interior design, and some stores even utilize scent marketing to engage their customers – a great buyer experience has everything to do with aesthetics.

We’ve made it easy for our Retriever clients to entertain their customers with pre-built trivia, news headlines, weather reports, and more. Get creative and have fun with photos and videos that will delight your customers. Pro-tip: if it works well for you on social media, it’ll play well on your Retrievers. Just make sure whatever you use is highly visual and readable at a distance.

3. Advertise

When you have sales and promotions going on, your biggest challenge is to communicate those to your customer in an effective but low-pressure way that invites them to engage without coming across as pushy or “sales-y.” Digital signage perfectly lends itself to in-store advertising because it’s highly visual, simply updated, cost and labor effective. If you’re part of a larger company, your signage can be synced across numerous locations and scheduled alongside your promotional calendar. If your store is a small business, you can create beautiful and customized digital slides without hiring a graphic designer to stay on brand.


We’d love to help you engage your customers in an ideal buyer experience. Let’s have a conversation – click here to send us an email to set up a time.


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Six Slides to Spice Up Your Playlist Retriever Digital Signage

If you’re a long-time Retriever user, you may be utilizing the same handful of slide templates, and it may be time to spice things up. If you haven’t dug into the categories lately, we wanted to take this opportunity to showcase a few of our favorite templates that you can sprinkle into your playlist for a fresh look!

Retriever Digital Signage: 5-Day Forecast with TimeSlide Name: 5-Day Forecast with Time
Category Where You’ll Find It: Date & Time or What’s New
Why It’s Great: This slide gives you an up-to-date weather forecast, a perfect way to mix up your main message and keep people engaged!

Retriever Digital Signage: Timeline with Pictures


Slide Name: Timeline with Pictures
Category Where You’ll Find It: Date & Time
Why It’s Great: This slide is highly customizable with a background image as well as text & images on each timeline event. It’s an easy way to tell your story in a highly visual way!

Retriever Digital Signage: Happy Birthday - Text and PictureSlide Name: Happy Birthday – Text and Picture
Category Where You’ll Find It: Parties & Special Events
Why It’s Great: Celebrate your most important people with their photo and a birthday message on their special day! Pro-tip: schedule this slide to publish and unpublish in advance!

Retriever Digital Signage: Entertainment Trivia

Slide Name: Entertainment Trivia
Category Where You’ll Find It: Trivia or Arts & Entertainment
Why It’s Great: Fun trivia can break up your playlist to keep it from being overly promotional, while engaging your audience to keep them paying attention for a longer period of time. Utilize our built-in trivia, or create custom trivia yourself!

Retriever Digital Signage: Twitter - Latest

Slide Name: Twitter – Latest
Category Where You’ll Find It: Social Networking
Why It’s Great: You’re already creating great content for your social channels, so let your Retriever’s remind your customers to engage with you on social, while sharing some relevant content.

Retriever Digital Signage: Richland Source: Latest News

Slide Name: Richland Source: Latest News
Category Where You’ll Find It: Richland Source
Why It’s Great: For our local customers, we’ve already integrated the Richland Source headlines into our playlist – you simply need to schedule it! Choose topic-specific headlines, locally-based stories, or the latest news.

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Five Things to Avoid Retriever Digital Signage

When you invest in digital signage, you want it to be an effective communicator. Whether your Retrievers function as an internal communications management solution for your staff, or as an external tool used to communicate with your customers, there are a few common errors that can dramatically reduce your impact.

Spelling and Grammatical Errors

We’ve all made a typo or used the wrong spelling of a word, but nothing makes your business look less professional than poor spelling on your digital signage. If the written word isn’t in your comfort zone, ask someone to give your copy a look. There are also free tools, such as Grammarly, on the web that you can use to check your work before it goes live.

Low Contrast

If you’re trying to get your message across, try to choose contrasting colors (i.e., a dark and a light color like navy and white) for your text and background. When color shades are similar, it can be hard for your audience to read.

Forgetting to Unpublish Old Content

We get it – you’re busy! It can be hard to prioritize updating your Retriever playlist amidst all of the other tasks in your day. But, forgetting to turn off outdated content is a clear sign to your customers that your business is overwhelmed. Pro tip: schedule an unpublish date for content that expires, so that you don’t have to remember to go in and turn it off. Here’s a video tutorial that demonstrates how to schedule a publication and unpublication date:

Audio-centric videos on mute

We hope you’re integrating videos into your playlist! They’re an awesome way to engage viewers with your content and a perfect use for your Retrievers. If you keep your screen’s volume on, your video can play at a normal volume and will look and sound great! However, if you keep your screens muted, it’s important to utilize videos that still get the message across even if there’s no audio. Bonus: many of our customers are utilizing videos formatted this way on their social media platforms too!

Text-Only Playlists

Retrievers are highly visual on purpose, because we know that humans prefer to engage with visual content. If you’re only utilizing text in your Retriever playlist, it’s time to incorporate some visuals like photos and video to keep from boring your viewers. We’ve built lots of great visuals into the templates, or you can simply upload your own!


If you’re interested in some tips for utilizing your Retriever Digital Signage more effectively, reach out. We’d love to help!

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Retriever Digital Signage for Human Resources

The first 90 days of a new appointment is make it or break it for your new employees. Your company’s communication strategy is a critical element of your company’s onboarding process if you want to retain the great people you’ve recruited.

“Your goal in every transition is to get as rapidly as possible to the break-even point,” writes Michael D. Watkins, co-founder of leadership development company Genesis Advisers in his book, “The First 90 Days: Proven Strategies for Getting Up to Speed Faster and Smarter.”

The “break-even point,” as Watkins calls it, is the point at which the employee is contributing more resources than they are consuming from the company. Getting to that critical point early has an exponentially higher return for employees who transition well. Those who take longer to get to the break-even point have a lower value to the company over time and an uphill battle to climb for the rest of their time in that role in order to undo bad first impressions made in the first quarter of their appointment.

How can your human resources team get your new employees to that break-even point more quickly? Here are a few tips:

  • Highlight what is important for your team. New hires are overwhelmed with a mountain of information as they learn the new role, the company, and the social dynamic of their new workplace. Visual guides to key goals, stakeholders, and goals will speed the process along and get your employees to “break-even” more quickly.
  • Integrate your new employees as part of the team. When you’re new, learning names and positions can be a real challenge for even the most outgoing employees. Assimilation for your new employees is paramount to their success, so find creative ways to keep names, faces, and positions fresh.
  • Loop your new staff into existing announcements and events. Nothing can make someone feel like an outsider more quickly than everyone else assuming they already know about upcoming events, meetings, or office gatherings that were organized before they joined the team.

We believe that improving your communications strategy to better welcome new employees is a perfect use for your Retriever Digital Signs. Highlight key benchmarks and goals in your playlist, showcase your organization’s stakeholders with names, images and video, and keep the staff picnic at the front of mind, even if someone wasn’t on the original email.

It takes just moments to make a dramatic shift on the longterm success of your new hires. We can help you get started. Click here and email us to start a conversation.



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Restaurant with Retriever Screen

While many of our customers utilize Retrievers to replace their paper-congested bulletin board, there are also some creative, outside-the-box uses for digital signage that might surprise you! If you’ve considered integrating Retrievers into your communications strategy, you’ll want to consider some of these uses for your business.

Digital Menus

Whether you’re fast food, fast casual, or just running a concessions stand, gone are the days of reprinting and replacing your menu boards. The reprinting can be costly and time consuming, and you’re left with a waiting period when something leaves your menu, disappointing your customers and frustrating your staff. With digital signage, you can change and update your menu instantly and seamlessly. In a few seconds from any computer with internet access, your digital signage can be adjusted to feature new items, remove items that are out of stock, or update prices. Multiple locations? Simply duplicate the updated slide to all of the screens you’d like to change and it will instantly sync across all screens, whether their location is down the hall or across the state.


Four Walls Marketing

Speaking of restaurants, Retrievers are the ideal solution for your restaurant’s four walls marketing. Their eye-catching lit display keeps the customer engaged during wait times, and allows you to update promotions to all of your locations at once, without driving between stores and waiting to update signage when your guests have left the restaurant. See how Skyline Chili has taken advantage of Retrievers in their restaurant:


Goal Tracking

Whether you’re in a production facility or an office space, keeping your team focused on a common goal is a challenge worth taking on. Uniting your team around productivity goals, strategic goals, or even micro-goals geared at improving your output can be difficult, especially once everyone has left the staff meeting and begins to do their own thing. A visual dashboard tracking progress towards a goal can motivate your team and keep them focused on your company’s priorities, without overwhelming their inboxes or coming across as overly repetitive. Positioning Retrievers throughout your workspace offers a passive yet visually engaging reminder of what’s important, how far you’ve come, and what’s left to do.

Outdoor Signage

Retriever software can run both inside screens, and outdoor digital signage! Take Mansfield’s Renaissance Theatre, for example. Rather than being limited to just publicizing the show currently running on their marquee, they are able to promote all of their upcoming productions utilizing their Retriever at the touch of a button. Bonus: hours of staff time are saved each week since they don’t have to manually change letters on an outdated sign.

Donor Acknowledgment

Did you know that Retriever screens can become your donor acknowledgment wall that fits your staff’s limited time and your non-profit’s tight budget? A new donor recognition installation can run upwards of $10,000 (and that’s on the low end), which seems like a counter-intuitive way to acknowledge people who donated to your mission. Donor walls require constant updating, costly re-printing, and while they may be beautiful, they rarely engage visitors the way you’d hoped, because people are really there for your programming. Think beyond the traditional donor wall, and go digital with your donor recognition utilizing Retriever Digital Signage! Update you donor list digitally and easily when a new gift is received, incorporate photos and videos, and showcase your programs right alongside your donors who support them.

If you’re ready to learn more about Retriever Digital Signage, or just need some help thinking outside the box when it comes to your communications, let us help. Click here to set up a meeting.


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The Renaissance Theatre Concessions Stand

We’ve all seen it happen: all of your informative brochures and flyers are neatly set at the front door. Your patrons visit the kiosk and either ignore them entirely, or they take one of everything, only to eventually toss the information. As business owners, we all ask ourselves, “How can I highlight the most important things for my customers?”

Particularly in the recreation and entertainment industry, your customers come in high volume and it is impossible to have enough staff members on hand to personally highlight the opportunities to further engage for your customers. That’s the point when you need digital signage.

Take the Renaissance Theatre, for example. At a sell-out performance, they might have 1,400 people in the lobby at once! To educate, entertain, and engage their audiences, they’ve installed Retriever screens throughout their lobby spaces. Some screens showcase their concessions menus while others highlight upcoming performances and sponsors. This frees up their staff to engage with the patrons rather than up-selling them on future shows: the Retrievers do that for them!

Let’s say you’re at an indoor youth soccer tournament. Keeping an eye on the scoreboards for all of the games can be next to impossible, but your Retriever screens can become a digital scoreboard throughout your space!

Take your Retriever playlist a step further, and utilize it to showcase pro-tips from your in-house experts. Your patrons will thank you, and it’s a perfect way to personally engage with a high volume of people without adding to your bottom line.

We’d love to help you re-create your recreation space – let’s set up a conversation. Connect with us here via email.

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Engage Your Congregation with Retriever Digital Signage

If you’ve been involved in a church for any length of time, you’ve experienced this scene: each Sunday morning, your congregants are welcomed and handed a paper bulletin with the important updates on the life of the church: upcoming events, special announcements, prayer requests, and reports on various ministries.

One of two things happen with that bulletin. Either, the worshipper disengages and reads the bulletin during the sermon, or they toss it on their way out the door and wonder why they didn’t know about the church picnic. Sound familiar?

Communicating well with your church body is essential to the health of your congregation. It can be hard for houses of worship, in particular, to re-think their communications strategy in the digital age, though, especially if you’ve been doing this awhile. As churches age, younger and newer attendees will be more likely to engage with the life of your church if you meet them where they are and connect digitally.

Positioning digital signage throughout the lobbies, at child drop-off & pick-up, outside of Sunday School classrooms, ensures that your messages and updates will be highly visible and captivating, repeated and synced, without filling the paper bin. What’s more, the customizable display allows you to go well beyond the limits of the church bulletin.

Incorporate video and full-color images into your Retriever playlists, without the need of increasing your staff size. Retrievers are simple to program (even if your staff is techno-phobic) and feature easily customized templates that anyone can program in a few moments. Because announcements can be scheduled to turn on and off when they’re relevant, Retrievers take one thing off the plate of your already over-stretched staff.

You get enough feedback from your congregation; let us fix the communication issues. Reach out via email and let’s talk about incorporating Retriever screens into your house of worship.

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Keep it simple silly Retriever Digital Signage

When it comes to marketing technology, it seems like “user-friendly” isn’t the norm. In a small business when you’re wearing multiple hats, you simply don’t have time for a steep learning curve to get your message out.

That’s why a simple, straight-forward interface is important to us at Retriever. Whether you are tech savvy or technophobic, Retriever is quick to learn and takes only minutes to program.

In the video above, we walk you through the Retriever platform and show you just how simple it is to create a Retriever playlist for your screens. You don’t have to worry about hard to navigate menus, hidden features, or confusing features: everything is right where you’d expect it to be.

A few great features you’ll find with Retriever Digital Signage to help you get the message out:

  • Publish immediately, or schedule to publish and unpublish, so you don’t have to maintain it daily
  • Maintain your company’s brand guidelines with customizable colors for most of our built-in backgrounds
  • Add videos, photos, and customize text on our pre-made slides, or upload your own finished slide (formatted to 16:9)
  • Easily duplicate slides from one playlist to another
  • Instantly publish to all your screens with the press of a button, regardless of whether they’re on site or off site
  • Built-in alert screen available for each playlist that will override your playlist’s settings

If you’re ready to adopt straightforward and easy to use communications technology for your small business, we can help. Contact us here to set up a conversation.


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