Holiday Slides from Retriever Digital Signage

Decorating for the holidays can be fun, but it can also be time consuming during a time of year when it can be hard to spare the time.  Not to mention, between October and January, decorations need to go up for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s (plus other holidays if you celebrate them) – it can be daunting.

One thing all Retriever customers have in common is that they have people looking at their signs. Whether the signs are being used for internal communications or for external promotion, having digital signs gives a business the opportunity to engage the viewer and inject something great into the day. We’ve made that especially easy for your staff with a wealth of pre-built slides.

Holiday Slides from Retriever Digital SignageSimply navigate to the “Holidays” category on your Retriever dashboard. We’ve created dozens of slides for many of the year’s holidays that you can schedule in advance in a few moments, with hardly any extra effort. One could easily program out the holidays for the entire year in a matter of minutes, deploying them to all their digital signs.

Most of our holiday slides can be customized simply to personalize for your business or with a custom message, no graphic designer required! Your customers and your staff will smile as a little season’s greetings welcomes them in to your workplace.

Our team recommends mixing up human interest slides (holidays, trivia, news items, birthdays, etc.) amidst the business-oriented or marketing slides to keep your viewers engaged longer. Taking advantage of our slide database is a great way to do so without costing you valuable time and money.


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Retain Great Employees Retriever Digital Signage

Human Resources managers know, it costs an organization far more to hire a new employee in place of retaining (and even retraining) your employees. Keeping your people happy is a moving target, but there are some essential truths every business can put into place to have a better shot at keeping their people on their teams. Here are a few of our top tips for retaining great employees, and how we can help:

Keep Your Expectations Clear

Management experts like Marcus Buckingham and Ferdinand Fournies agree, outlining clear expectations for your employees and keeping those expectations consistent helps your employees to feel successful in their jobs. That doesn’t mean their expectations can never change, but when they do, clearly outline and define the new expectation and allow adequate time for achievement.

Give Opportunities for Feedback

Your best source of information are your feet on the ground. Whether your business is big or small, the people doing the job have insights and ideas about how things could go better. As a manager, it’s your job to take in that information and make informed decisions that will improve both the workplace and the client experience. It’s vital to have regular opportunities for employee feedback and ideas, and your employees will feel seen and heard when you do.

Communicate Well

Nothing can make a workplace more toxic than miscommunication. People feel frustrated, question the capability of those around them, and worse when communication lines are broken. Utilizing methods and strategies that are clear, available to everyone, and succinct are paramount to a great workplace.

Offer Professional Development Opportunities

Expand your employee’s skill sets, give them opportunity to learn things that interest them, and help them to grow and you’ll retain your staff much longer. People want to develop and will opt-in to things that interest them, beyond the standard required training. Providing opportunities for professional development for your staff and communicating those opportunities for all will give you a better, more satisfied team.

Celebrate Your Staff

People desire to be seen and valued in every avenue of their lives, but celebrations can be easily pushed to the back burner in order to meet quotas. Employees who feel seen and valued perform better, work more efficiently, and stay longer. Celebrate birthdays, achievements in and out of the workplace, and offer opportunities for employees to acknowledge and celebrate their coworkers and you’ll see your workplace culture thrive.

Managing your team and improving in so many areas can be overwhelming, but that’s how Retriever Digital Signage can help you to retain great employees. Digital Signage provides any workplace with an opportunity to communicate more effectively with your team about expectations, upcoming learning opportunities and scheduled meetings, and for celebration of staff achievements.

In a few minutes, schedule out your digital signage for days, weeks or months, and position your signs in key areas where every employee will have regular access and visibility. Rather than bogging down inboxes with memos and emails, repetitive and visible signage will keep your team informed and feeling valued. Keep your team happy and keep your happy team when you utilize a 21st Century Communications Strategy with Retriever Digital Signage. Click here to get in touch.


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Thank Your Donors with Retriever Screens

Non-profit organizations are universally challenged to adequately thank their donors in a way that both makes those donors feel honored and encourages others to give to their cause. Museums, theatres, hospitals alike all will spend thousands of dollars investing in a permanent “donor wall” to showcase their major donors, but that comes with some challenges.

For one, there’s on ongoing cost of updating and adding new donors. This may mean a considerable wait time for a donor to see their name up on the wall, or it may mean that a portion of the donation is being invested on engraving or printing costs. Not to mention, sometimes mistakes are made along the way that may require a timely and costly re-print.

Because of the cost and time involved in updating a permanent donor wall, organizations often will limit inclusion on the donor wall for donors above a certain level of giving. While that may be a welcome challenge to some donors, for others it can be discouraging when the gift is significant for them. Being able to include all of your donors at their various levels of giving without an additional cost or significant time is the ideal way for a non-profit to acknowledge every gift.

Retriever Digital Signage offers a modern solution for acknowledging every donor without ongoing costs and timely updates. Customizing a permanent display with digital signage allows your development officer to update the donor list in moments from their desk, without timely and costly printing or engraving expenses. A misspelled name or recently-divorced couple? Change it in a few seconds.

Utilizing Retrievers as your donor wall allows you to customize the slides for your organization’s needs: if you have multiple campaigns and giving tiers, you can showcase all of those in one place. Throw in a call-to-action in the middle and educate your guests about ways to give or upcoming campaigns.

If you’d like to have us brainstorm ways to turn Retriever Digital Signage into your ideal modern donor wall, we’d love to chat! Click here to set up a meeting.

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Retriever Digital Signage at a Salon

by Colleen Cook

Every 6 weeks, I visit my favorite salon for a cut & color with the best stylist in the world. I have two small children at home, so carving out two hours for pampering is such a treat.

When I arrive at the salon, it’s typical for my stylist to be wrapping up with the client ahead of me, sometimes creating a 10 minute wait. Additionally, during the process of having my hair done, I may be sitting for 20-plus minutes as color processes during my visit.

The salon I go to has gone out of their way to make that wait time comfortable for me. They have cozy chairs, a beverage bar with coffee, teas, water, and frequently cookies or snacks. There are magazines throughout the salon to help the customers pass the time as well. But, I noticed my eyes were drawn to one element of their waiting area above all else: their Retriever digital sign.

As I waited, I got to see some of their best work showcased in front of me. Most people go to the salon with an idea in mind, but it’s hard to know if your stylist can recreate the beautiful hair you’ve seen on Pinterest. Seeing the work of the stylists at my salon made me excited for my haircut, and confident that what I would ask for would be achievable.

I also learned about some of their product specials while I waited. Great hair products can be expensive, so being informed about sales and upcoming specials definitely helped me to plan my product purchasing for the coming months.

One thing I didn’t realize was that my salon offered classes on cutting men’s hair! When it comes to my husband’s hair, I’m far and away the pickiest person (he couldn’t care less). I plan to sign up for one of these classes soon so that maybe next summer we can avoid the “buzz cut” he’s defaulted to in summers past.

In 10 minutes, my salon was able to entertain and educate me before I even greeted my stylist. And, the pressure for up-selling the salon was not my stylist’s responsibility, allowing us to casually chat without an agenda.  I really think more salons would benefit from this type of advertising in their waiting area, and I’m glad my salon is utilizing it so well.


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Bookmasters digital signage

Educators strive and frequently succeed in making students feel valued as individuals. Educational initiatives like Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences, professional development initiatives for educators focused on differentiation, and opportunities to celebrate students individually through awards, achievements, and special days ensure that at some point, by the time a student graduates, they’ll have been made to feel special and fully seen.

When that student grows and enters the workplace, however, it’s not always a guarantee that they will continue to feel the value of their individuality. In fact, in many industries, it’s nearly impossible to emphasize the individual and get the job done, particularly if you’re juggling hundreds or thousands of employees. Considering that focusing and celebrating the individual has been a tenet of the educational system these workers graduated from, employee morale can be severely threatened if businesses don’t find a way to celebrate each one of their people and get the job done.

Human Resources professionals know how important it is to retain staff, not just to the workload and morale, but to the bottom line.

“The Society for Human Research Management estimates that the cost of directly replacing an employee can run as high as 50 to 60 percent of their annual salary, and total associated costs of turnover can rise to 90 to 200 percent.”
- Kate Mosteller, PennFoster

One proven method to improve employee retention is through personalization. Helping your staff to feel seen by their employer, like an individual rather than a number or a machine, is key to ensuring their long tenure at your company.

“Individualization accomplishes many goals at once. It demonstrates that your business cares about its employees, and is willing to make sacrifices to keep them on board. It satisfies the modern worker’s need for personal development and freedom. It even helps workers find the work they feel is most rewarding, and accomplish it in more productive ways.”Larry Alton for Forbes

Individualization, however, can be challenging to navigate without breaking the budget. While there are many great paths to individualizing your workplace, one simple and affordable way is to utilize your digital signage throughout your workplace to celebrate your team.

Share your employees personal achievements, celebrate their birthdays or anniversaries, find ways to put their names up for their co-workers to see. Seeing their name in writing goes so far beyond simply making sure their supervisor knows their names. Having opportunities to celebrate each other builds and bonds a team.

Moreover, peppering your slides with interesting and heartwarming information will dramatically increase engagement with the information you’re trying to communicate about company goals and important HR initiatives.

If you haven’t set your workplace up yet with digital signage, or need some more ideas for leveraging your Retriever system for employee retention, we’d love to help. Just reach out here and we’ll get you going.

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Veterinarians accent individuality with retriever digital signage

At DRM Productions, we really love pets. If you’ve ever visited our office in Mansfield, you’ve probably been greeted by Rusty or Boris, our furry doormen, and you’ve probably already noticed that retrievers play pretty prominently in our business.

So, it’s as important to us as it is to our veterinary customers and their clients that every pet has a happy, healthy home. We love working with animals and the people who work with them, and we know that the innocence and brilliance of these creatures is something to celebrate.

Naturally, we get very excited when we see our Retriever screens used in creative ways to celebrate pets. When someone comes to the veterinarian’s office, sometime’s it just for a checkup or a shot, but as we all know, those visits can also be laden with heartache. A sick pet or a furry friend at the end of its life can make the wait time for a veterinarian a very stressful and seemingly long time, agitating the patients and putting them on edge before they ever enter the room.

It’s critical for a veterinarian to put the client at ease while they wait so that the patient can be calmly evaluated and helped in any way possible. One way you can passively do that is through your digital signage in your lobby. Welcome the arrival of your patients, memorialize losses, and make your patients feel like valued family members while they wait. Accenting on their individuality can put your client at ease before they ever walk into an exam room.

Digital signage is also a great way to communicate with your patients about additional service offerings, so you’re not leaving potential revenue on the table but you’re also not putting your staff in an uncomfortable position of up-selling a client who may be experiencing complex emotions at their visit.

Retriever Digital Signage is really simple and quick to program, so your already over-stretched staff doesn’t need to spend more than a couple of minutes scheduling out your signs for the week. Our interface is so simple, even the puppies could handle it. (Ok, maybe not, but close!)

We’d love to help you find ways to make your patients feel like your family, so bark at us here and we’ll show you how to take your practice to the next level.

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So you’ve got your Retriever screens up and running and you’re ready to take things to the next level. We want to see your communication strategy soar! Here are five tips to make sure your digital signage is working for you, every time.

1.) More slides is more!

Don’t try to jam all the information into one slide – when it comes to slides, less (information) is more, and more (slides) is better! Here’s our tip: look at your slide for 3 seconds and close your eyes. Anything you missed is too much. It’s not a memo, it’s not a blog post, be concise and add more slides if necessary!

2.) Use Eye-Catching Designs, Pictures & Videos

When you installed your Retrievers, you moved beyond the Microsoft Word printout tacked to the bulletin board. So, go beyond! Integrate beautiful colors, videos, and pictures into your signage and really grab the attention of your audience!

3.) Consider readability

When you’re programming the signs from your desk, it’s easy to forget that most people will be viewing the screens from a distance. If it’s not easily readable in the small preview screen, then it won’t be easily readable for your audience. If you need so much text that you have to decrease the size, add a slide!

4.) Integrate fun facts, weather, and news

Regardless of your audience, peppering your slides with interesting and relevant information will keep them engaged longer – whether they’re waiting in your lobby or they’re working on your floor. We’ve made it super easy for you by integrating Richland Source headlines, the weather, and trivia! Just add those slides to your playlist.

5.) Consider the order of your slides

If you have an important message to get out, maybe duplicate it a few times in your playlist so it repeats more frequently than the typical loop. Or, if you have added slides to connect information from one to another, make sure not to break up their order. When in doubt, watch your slideshow through and make sure that what you’re trying to communicate is coming across!

Retriever Digital Signage is the perfect solution for your communications and promotional needs, and by employing these smart tips, you’ll take your communications strategy to the next level! Need more assistance? We can help.

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retail digital signage innovates

The retail industry is being forced to reimagine its business model as it faces the persistent challenge of serving local customers in worldwide marketplace that includes online competitors. Nationwide, retail stores are closing at an alarming rate three times that of even a year ago. National brands like Payless, The Limited, Sears, and dozens more have shuttered their doors as those stores remaining are innovating and rethinking how they do business in this new global economy. In-store digital signage is key to the next generation’s strategy for remaining vibrant and relevant to customers.

Retailers need to streamline their in-store advertising, reducing staff time and printing/shipping costs. With the flexibility of digital signage, one marketing manager can update an unlimited number of screens from their desk in a matter of seconds.

Moreover, changes in buyer experience can happen in mere moments. Celebrating a special customer? Need to promote a specific item? Tailor the advertising to the clientele in your store while they shop without interrupting their privacy.

The 21st century customer wants more in depth information about your products and buying experience, automatically. They’re looking for the same level as detail as they might find online, but they also don’t want to be sold in a traditional way by your employees. Allow your digital signage to seamlessly provide the information they’re looking for and expedite their purchase.

By incorporating an innovative digital signage strategy, your retail store’s vitality is sure to increase in an ever-changing market. Let our experts help as you consider these new options and take your retail location to the next level.

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ProTips for Retriever Digital Signage

It’s the perfect time to step up your digital signage game! Whether you’re a pro already or a novice to digital signage, these five resources will make it simple for you to make a maximum impact with your digital signage, no matter your industry.

Create Substantial Content

We’re all guilty of it: just creating content to for content’s sake. After all, a decade ago businesses didn’t have to manage multiple social media channels, write blogs, create videos and more along with their actual work. So, maybe your social media posts have gotten a little fluffy, or maybe you’ve just been recycling old blog posts as new ones. Read More

Define Your Brand Voice

For a small business, sometimes getting any content out is nothing short of a miracle. After all, you spend your days thinking about your clients before yourselves and next thing you know, months have passed and your own marketing has been neglected. Read More

Match Your Vocabulary to Your Audience

Have you ever had a misunderstanding with a friend or loved one via text or email?Whether you’re writing a quick promotion for a digital sign or an e-book, words are important. They’re vital to getting your point across clearly and effectively. Read More

Fix Those Commonly-Made Grammatical Errors

Nobody’s perfect, and we’ve made these errors too. But, in the digital age, poor grammar is an instant chip on your credibility. Read More

Design Great, Readable Messages

So, you have your Retrievers up and running and you’re already noticing that people actually know about the things you’ve been communicating – win! Ready to take it to the next level? Read More

Looking for some more help? Connect with us and we’ll be happy to help you take your communications to the next level.

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back to school digital signage ideas

There’s nothing like the first days of school to reset your routine and start some great habits for the new year. This school year, engage your students with your compelling and interesting digital signage. We recommend incorporating these elements:

Sporting Events

Whether it’s details for attendance, highlights from the last game, or great photos from recent events, your digital signage can keep up-to-the-minute details about your sporting events well before the school paper hits the press.

Arts & Cultural Events

Get your whole campus engaged with the upcoming concerts, recitals, theatre performances, and share highlights from each. You can even easily showcase student art on your Retrievers, drawing people into the gallery or the upcoming art show.

News Headlines & Weather

Retriever Digital Signage Weather

Keep your students connected with the community and run local headlines and weather updates. Through our built-in integration with Richland Source, it couldn’t be more simple!


We’ve made it simple with Twitter integration to show 5 of your recent tweets on your screens. Whether or not the students follow you online, that content can recycle onto your screens for maximum impact, with minimum effort!

Emergency Information

Emergency Alert Retriever Digital SignageWhile you never want to be in a campus-wide emergency, it’s helpful to know that you can quickly and easily deploy an emergency alert via your digital signage as a part of your emergency action plan. Simply select one of the “Alert” slides and drop it in the “Alert” position on your signage, and you’ll have disseminated critical information in a matter of seconds.

Can we help tailor your digital signage strategy to fit the needs of your student body? Or, perhaps, you’re ready to take the next step with digital signage? Either way, let’s connect.


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