Increase Communication, Increase Sales

If you’re a B2C company with a storefront, it’s never been harder to grab the attention of your customers. Customers come into your store having already researched your products, sales, and promotions as well as your competitors. While they peruse, they’re price checking on their phones at best, and skimming social media at worst.

Engaging customers once they’re through your front door requires that you make strategic decisions to create an experience and tell your story in a way that captures and retains their attention.

Finding ways to set yourself apart from the start requires thoughtfulness about not only your message, but how you’ll choose to communicate it.

When it comes to your in-store digital signage, we have some pro tips for how to best leverage that tool in your overall in-store messaging strategy.

Promote discounts

While the most obvious, it bears repeating. Increasingly, customers have become accustomed to seeking out discount codes online. If you train your customers to expect an exclusive in-store discount, not only will you drive more traffic into your store, you’ll engage them with your brand on a deeper level as they seek out that discount.

Tell your story

Once you have their attention, tell the story of your brand. People are hard-wired for story, and telling your company’s story gives your guests an opportunity to connect with your brand on a different level, tearing down the store walls and connecting the human beings on both side of the business. When we feel connected, we’re more loyal and are more likely to invest.

Be helpful

Think about what your customer needs beyond what you sell, and help them out. Think about that memorable scene in Miracle on 34th Street when Santa Claus sends a mother to another store where she can find the toy she’s seeking that is unavailable at their store. Maybe you don’t need to send people away, but capture the heart of what your customers need, and meet those needs before they ask.

Perhaps you’re sharing tips for a healthy runner’s stride in your sporting good store, or simple recipes in a grocery store. Bring value, no matter what.

Share the spotlight

One of the best ways to spread your message well is to share the spotlight with others. Invite local non-profits to partner with your business to advertise and promote their programs and events. When your brand partners well with others, your customers feel great about investing in you.

If you’re looking for even more ways to maximize your in-store experience, we’d love to help. Reach out and we’ll consult, free of charge.

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Refer Retriever!

When we created Retriever, it’s because our clients had a need, and we were primed to help. Our company has been an expert in communication for more than three decades, and we had clients who wanted a more dynamic way to communicate with their employees and customers than their bulletin boards and static signage could manage.

One of the challenges many of our customers faced with other digital signage products on the market was the need to involve IT. For some of our customers, their IT team was maxed out on other projects, and for others their operations were too small to have an IT team on staff. So, we knew Retriever needed to be simple enough that anyone could use it, but powerful enough to beautifully and dynamically communicate.

Over the years, our customer base has grown, largely due to word of mouth. We get it – when you’ve got something great, you want to share it with your friends! The great thing about Retriever is that it’s highly visible too, so many of our customers not only heard about it from their friends, they’ve seen it in action around town and have instantly seen the impact it can make on their own business.

If you love your Retriever, thank you. Thanks for letting us partner with you to communicate with your customers and employees. Thanks for trusting us with your message.

We want to spread the love – and we want to thank you in the process. If you’d like to share Retriever with a friend, simply click this link. When they purchase, we’ll thank you with a $50 Amazon Gift Card.



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Onboard well!

Onboarding a new employee is one of the most important steps to building a successful team. More often than not “bad hires” are actually good employees who started on the wrong foot.

During employee onboarding, you have the opportunity to give a new employee a sense of belonging as a part of your team, as well as an understanding of your business and what’s expected of them. Your onboarding process must give the new employee the tools they need to be successful in their job.

Welcome the new team member

When a new face joins your team, build some excitement around it!  Your new team member will begin to feel a sense of belonging, and it will present an easy opportunity to learn names and start to form relationships among their co-workers. When you announce a new hire, it sends the message to the community that your team is growing and thriving.

Prepare them for their first day

Prior to Day 1, give your new employee an opportunity to assimilate. Give them access to their email and calendar so they can start to set things up, and clue them in on things like expectations and org chart so they have an idea of what they’re walking into.

The curse of knowledge

Don’t neglect the importance of basic fundamentals when someone is starting with your business. How do you make an outside call? Where do you store passwords? Where should they park? How long do they have to eat lunch? Where do you keep office supplies? Where are the restrooms? By removing those small barriers to assimilation, your new hire will feel more comfortable sooner, and will be able to perform their job duties sooner.

Mission, Vision, and Values

When you hired your new employee, you were looking at several factors: skill, culture fit, alignment with core values, experience, personality, etc. Now that they’re on the team, though, don’t assume that they know what your core values, mission, and vision are all about. Spend some time talking about your core values, why they’re the ones your company lives out, and what that looks like. Explain why your vision and mission matter, and how that works in daily application.

At Retriever Digital Signage, we want to help your team to thrive. In fact, we’ve written a book all about how to effectively communicate with your team, and we’d love to give you a free copy: Download our Communications Guide

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Increase Your Employee Retention with These Three Tips

There is way more at play than money, when it comes to employee retention. We all know it’s hard to keep our best people, and it costs a lot more to hire a new employee than it does to retain a good one.

But, when our employees begin to disengage, they take their first steps out the door.

Relationships of any kind take time, intentionality, and daily investment to thrive. Here are our three top tips to retaining your employees:

Communicate well.

Poor communication can be toxic to an organization. Assuming someone knows information they don’t cripples your staff and sets them up to fail. Often, companies have given their team all the information, but have flooded the brains, desks, and inboxes with too much information. Information overload is just as dangerous as not giving the information at all.

When your employees don’t know what’s important or relevant, they’ll either assume it all is urgent (which leads to burnout) or none of it is (which leads to disengagement).

Great communication begins with highlighting what is most important.


Say thank you.

If you want to see your employees stick around and be at their best, it’s important to make sure each individual feels valued and seen for their contributions to the team. In a large business, this can be a real challenge, but is worth the effort in both productivity as well as long-term retention. It’s much harder to leave a place where you feel essential, but it’s easy to leave somewhere that you just feel like a cog in the machine.


Seek feedback.

Feedback is a funny thing. We all need it to grow, but it can be hard to seek, because we are sensitive creatures. Often, when feedback is given willfully, it can be extremely negative. Additionally, we often gloss over the positive feedback and only hear the negative feedback offered.

That said, if we want to engage people, they must feel like they have a voice and a safe space to speak. Offering accessible channels for feedback and keeping the lines of communication open on both sides will ensure that troubles get resolved more quickly, long before a great employee decides to quit.


At Retriever Digital Signage, it’s our strong desire to see all of our clients’ businesses thrive and grow. We believe that our Retrievers can be a tremendous tool for internal communications, helping you keep your great people around for decades.

We want to help you keep your best people around, and we’ve written a book all about how to effectively communicate with – and keep!- your best people. Download it here!

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Four Ways to Increase the Impact of Your Digital Signage

When you installed your digital signage, people took notice. Your employees started to have a better sense of upcoming events and announcements, your customers became more aware of upcoming promotions, and everyone commented on the new addition.

As time went on, though, you might be noticing a decrease in the impact your signage once had. If it seems like your digital signage is losing the attention it once garnered, it’s not hard to recapture your viewers’ attention. Try giving attention to these four things:

Entertaining content

If you want to engage people, then you need to be engaging! We all want to watch something that’s entertaining and engaging – whether it’s informational, comedic, beautiful, or interesting. If it’s boring to you, it’s boring to your viewer.

Highly visual

If you’re only using text on your digital signage, you’re seriously underutilizing the power of digital signage. Find ways to incorporate images and videos into your digital signage playlist and you’ll immediately see an uptick in attention. Even better if you can utilize images of people the viewer will recognize over stock photos.

Dynamic motion

Our eyes are drawn to movement. That’s one of the reasons we’ve built so many motion effects into Retriever Digital Signage – movement is more engaging to the eyes. You can upload videos, a good variation of transitions, or both and see people more drawn to pay attention to your digital signage.

Up to date

When people see something that’s out of date, they make a mental decision that the content is not relevant to them. Over time, the more frequently they see outdated information, the more likely they are to disengage from the information source. Imagine if, every time you opened Facebook, you only saw the same 10 posts for a week? You wouldn’t pay attention.

You can schedule unpublication dates and times on Retriever, or you can set a time to regularly go in and keep it fresh. However you do it, make sure you’re regularly updating your playlist!

We’d love to help you increase the impact of your digital signage – just click here to connect.

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Communication Issue

We all have to communicate: with our friends, our families, our co-workers, our clients. Communication in the digital age is more of an art than an exact science. After all, everyone thinks they’re doing it effectively.

Yet, more often than not, people miss the message. In fact, we’ve all experienced the frustration of thinking we’ve communicated effectively when in reality, no one’s getting it.

If you’re feeling this way, you’re not alone. Most businesses are suffering from a similar issue: the curse of knowledge. You forget what it’s like not to know what you know, and you don’t effectively bring others up to speed with what you know.

Imagine this:

Your bank has been trying to sell more home equity lines of credit, but is struggling to get customers to bite. Sure, there have been a few, but you’re just not hitting the numbers you expected for the rate you’re offering.

To solve this problem, you offer incentives to your bankers for selling the product, advertise heavily. You see a slight increase but not a significant return. You press the staff more to upsell, and nothing works.

In this scenario, you’re assuming all of your customers know what a home equity line of credit is, how it can benefit them, and how competitive your rate is. Your communication isn’t effective because your communication isn’t meeting the desired recipient at their current level of knowledge and taking them to the point of understanding. You’ve effectively assumed that everyone knows what you know, and the curse of knowledge is the barrier between you and your audience.

If you want to break the curse, you need to ask yourself these key questions:

  • What am I assuming my audience understands?
  • Am I certain they understand those things?
  • If I assume they don’t understand, what would I tell them to bring them to understanding?
  • How can I say those things in a way that they’ll understand?
  • Where can I deliver that message that they can best receive it?

We believe in effective communication, and we’d love to further support your pursuit of improving your own business’s communication. That’s why we’re giving away this free eBook to help. Get it here: Download our Communications Guide

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Your Bulletin Board is Broken

If you’re trying to communicate with a busy workforce, time is of the essence. There’s only one of you, so the best thing you can do to ensure that your message gets across is to utilize effective communication strategies.

Most offices employ a bulletin board to assist with getting the word out, but here’s the deal: no one’s paying attention to it!

We hear from businesses, “We’ve always done it this way. Why do we need to change?”

The short answer is: the world changed and we all have to change with it.

In this case, doing what you’ve always done will only get diminishing results. Paper and static signage have their place, but they’re most effective for things that don’t need to capture attention. Long-standing employment policies, employment posters, resources that don’t change – these are the things that belong on your bulletin board.

Important messages, news, updates, and announcements will get lost on your bulletin board as people skim past. 

You need a more effective way of reaching your audience, and to do so you have to go highly visual and digital. 

Visual is key because it’s passive, can happen while people are working, and images stick in our minds. People are more likely to remember things they see over things they hear.

Digital, however, seems like the less obvious point, but consider this: when things are digital, they can be easily replicated and updated from anywhere. If you have 10 bulletin boards in your business, across 10 different locations, you might spend half a day updating the signage. However, with digital signage, you can do that from your desk instantly across all locations.

We believe that communication doesn’t have to be hard in a business, and we have some great solutions to help solve your communication problem. Click the button to download our free Human Resources Guide to Communication – our gift to you:
Download our Communications Guide

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Three Factors Impacting Your Employees' Attention

In the communication age, what should be easier – communicating – feels frustrating and it’s wasting a lot of time in your week. But it’s not, is it? In fact, you probably spend more time than ever repeating yourself and trying to roll out new policies.

Why is it so much harder to communicate with your team than it once was? There are a few key reasons you might be experiencing frustration in your business:

You’re only saying something once.

We live in an age where everyone has infinite people and companies competing for our attention. If you want to get your message to land, you need to repeat it a minimum of seven times.  But, seven times can feel pretty intense, so you need to find a way to automate the repetition so you’re saying it once, but people hear or see it seven times.

You aren’t grabbing their attention in the first place.

While there are more ways to communicate with your team than ever before, you also have more competition for their attention. People get hundreds of notifications every day from their devices and are often operating on information overload. Your employees are struggling to prioritize what’s most important when it comes to their own communication overload!

The reality is, that adorable baby video is going to win out on your boring HR announcement… unless you find a way to disrupt in a way that’s highly visual and engaging.

You’re not connecting with people emotionally.

Think about a commercial you remember in detail. It stuck with you because you felt something, because you remember the faces of the people in the commercial, because it was catchy, humorous, or emotional. The same is true for the messages you need to get across.

If you can tie your new policy to the reason why it exists, it will connect in a deeper, more impactful way. But, that does take a little bit of effort for you in how you tell the story behind the announcement.

We created Retriever Digital Signage specifically to solve these communication frustrations for Human Resources departments in manufacturing. If you’re tired of losing hours in your week to ineffective communication, let’s chat for 15 minutes and we’ll tell you about how we can help. Click here to schedule.

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Each new school year is a fresh start, offering opportunities for teachers, administrators and students to grow and improve. As the school year begins, it’s full of the potential to be the best year yet.

Administrators have an opportunity to empower and unite their families around their school. There’s nothing like the district coming together to cheer on the sports teams or to jump to their feet to applaud their musicians. There’s more to be done, however, to unite a district.

In fact, one of the most important things a district can do to knit their community together is to communicate exceptionally well. When people know and understand what’s happening, conflict is dramatically reduced. And, when conflict is low, people spend more time doing things in support of each other and their schools and less time dealing with conflict.

At Retriever, our mission in life is to help people communicate more effectively. That’s why we created Retriever Digital Signage – it’s an easy-to-use digital message board that has been successfully bringing schools together for years.

Our clients who use Retriever on their campuses have found awesome ways to celebrate their students’ victories, ignite their students’ creativity, communicate about upcoming events, and partner with the community using their easily synced digital signage. Retriever is updated online and syncs immediately to all screens, whether they’re on site or off site.

The platform is extremely user-friendly and students are able to be a part of the process, or any adult who is comfortable with a computer is able to schedule and update easily.

Here’s how one of our schools is using Retriever to unite their school:


If you’d like to learn more about how Retriever Digital Signage might be a good solution for your district, click here to reach out!

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Keep it Fresh Retriever Digital Signage

Every two days, we create as much content as humankind created in all of the years preceding the year 2003. Take that in for a second.

The pace at which content can be created and circulated in a digital society is hard to wrap your head around, but more than that, it’s hard to know what to give your attention to… and you’re not alone in having your attention divided.

In fact, your employees and customers are also uncertain of where to direct their attention. Try this experiment: spend an hour and simply put a tally mark down for every notification, call, text, interruption, message, or conversation you’re invited into for that hour.

It’s daunting to see just how many people and businesses are competing for our attention. As a result, people are doing what people have always done: they’re adapting. They’re learning what messages to tune out, and which messages are relevant.

This is why you don’t allow notifications from every app on your phone, and silence your phone during your child’s dance recital.  You instinctively know what to give priority to, and what to ignore.

The question remains: how do you ensure that your message cuts through the clutter as one of the important ones?

The key is keeping your message fresh as often as possible.

If day after day you received the same text from your friend, you’d stop looking at it. You already know the message. If your favorite television show replayed the same episode over and over, it’s unlikely you’d keep watching. The same is true for your audience.

However, if each time, the message from your friend was something new, you’d make sure you paid attention. If your favorite show releases a new exciting episode every week, you’ll tune in.

At Retriever, we specialize in digital message boards that automate the process of incorporating fresh content. Our digital signage solution, Retriever, automatically includes weather updates, news headlines, trivia, and social media feeds to do just that: keep the message fresh. That way, when our clients are too busy to update, or when one of the messages they need to deliver needs to stay the same, their Retriever is keeping fresh content a part of the process automatically.

If you’d like to see how Retriever compares to other signage options, we’ve made that easy for you. Simply click here to download a comparison sheet to see how we line up.

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