Motivate Your Team to Keep Your Team

Managing your workforce can sometimes feel like triage. You are putting out small fires constantly, reacting to the next problem rather than being proactive to built a culture that your employees enjoy.

When you’re dealing regularly with issues like bad attitudes, emotional outbursts, decreased productivity and cynicism from your employees, you may be looking for a bigger way to motivate your team.  This year has placed a lot of stress on employees, so in many companies we’re seeing the results of that added stress in our workplace.

Motivating your team, particularly in challenging times, requires some intentionality but it doesn’t have to be a lot of extra work for your leadership team. Most employees are looking to be informed, appreciated and recognized as individuals in the workplace. Finding meaningful ways to do that is the key.

Recognize Their Work

When your employees are working hard during a difficult season, going out of the way to thank them and acknowledge specifics about how hard they work, the quality of their work, and their commitment to the company is really important to their morale. Finding big and small ways to recognize the team helps people to feel like what they do matters and gives them a sense of purpose in their role.

Connect Them With Your Brand’s Story

How does the work that your team is doing matter to the world? For many businesses, your end user is not on the minds of your employees as they go through their workday. But, giving them a sense of purpose behind their work can fuel your employees for years. Tell them the story about why their work matters to the world. Is your company producing quality automobile parts? Tell them the story about the families you’ve kept safe because of your craftsmanship. If you’re cranking out cardboard boxes, connect your team with the story of how you kept people supplied during a global pandemic when shipping patterns changed worldwide. There’s always a story to be told, and your employees need to hear it.

Communicate Well

When employees feel like they’re the last to hear news about your company, it creates a disconnect between the leadership and the team. Clue your team in, help them to feel a sense of ownership for the company by communicating well with your team, even if their input is not needed for a decision.

We’d love to help your team to be even more effective in motivating your employees. We’ve written this book that we’d love to share with you at no cost, Human Resources Guide to Effective Communication, in which you’ll find dozens of great tools and strategies for upgrading your internal communications. Click here to get the eBook free in your inbox.

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Does Your Digital Signage Compare?

Digital signage is an essential part of the communication plan for any business, whether you’re communicating primarily with customers or employees. Having visually engaging digital signage in your business ensures that whatever you need to communicate, the message is received.

But, not all digital signage is created equal. Navigating the options on the market can feel daunting, especially if you’re new to the market. Here are three features we recommend prioritizing:

Automated Content

Relevant content is key to keeping your viewers engaged with your message. Rather than overwhelming viewers with the same call to action over and over, invite them into an experience in which they can learn something new and be entertained, as well as driving them to action.

We’ve created Retriever Digital Signage to engage the viewer with automatically populated news headlines, weather updates, trivia, and social media updates for this very purpose.


Irrelevance is death for your digital signage. If something’s outdated and is showing up on your signage, you’re telling your viewers that this sign is no longer valuable. But, keeping up with your digital signage playlist takes some work, when it doesn’t have to be difficult. Make sure that your digital signage can be easily scheduled to publish and unpublish on time, so you always send the right message.


Robust features, simple to use should be the mantra for your digital signage. Anyone should feel comfortable updating your playlist from anywhere, without having to bring in an IT team to help.

We created Retriever Digital Signage with great customization but tons of beautiful presets for that very reason. Whether or not technology is in your comfort zone, your digital signage should look great!

As you make the decision on which digital signage option is for you, we’d love to help. We’ve created a free downloadable comparison sheet comparing a variety of options on the market – feature for feature – to help you make an informed, smart decision.

Download the Digital Signage Comparison Sheet

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As our country works to reduce the spread of coronavirus, businesses have had to be extra communicative in their signage to encourage disease prevention. Encouraging hand washing, social distancing and masking, as well as keeping people up to date with current stats is key.

That’s why, at Retriever Digital Signage, we’ve done our part to make that simple for your team. We’ve created auto-updating slides as well as static slides to communicate what your customers and employees need to know about the global pandemic within your Retriever playlist.

Your business doesn’t have to work overtime in order to keep your customers and employees healthy and safe. You can find these prevention slides under “What’s New” in your Retriever playlist at any time.

If you have ideas for how we can better help your team to stay safe, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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How Digital Signage Helps Residential Care Facilities

Individuals running residential care facilities have to, at once, maintain a high quality of life for their residents while maintaining expert-level communication with employees and residents in an ever-changing world. That is no easy task, and it takes a strong communication plan to get the job done well.

Repetition is key to ensuring your message is fully received and implemented, so finding multiple touch points and reminders is critical when communicating to a large group of people. Saying something once doesn’t mean the message will land!

Digital signage is a great way to communicate inside your residential care facility because it’s highly visual, easily read, and repetition is built in! Digital signage functions on a playlist, which allows for messages to be communicated as much as necessary, without becoming irritating.

Your digital signage can showcase the menu for your dining facilities, announcements, weather updates, upcoming events, important announcements, as well as local news updates. Many residential care facilities also leverage their digital signage to showcase their residents and families, staff, and celebrate special moments!

Your facility may be located on a large campus, and quick communication may be sometimes not only helpful, but essential to the safety of your residents. With your digital signage, you are able to update your playlist or post an urgent announcement visible on all screens in a matter of seconds from any computer.

We created Retriever Digital Signage as an optimal solution for those working in residential care, and we’d love to help you see how it might be of use to you. Schedule a free consult by clicking here, and together we can help you see where and how digital signage might be of use to you in communicating with your residents, family and staff.

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How Digital Signage is Helping Banks Improve Customer Experience

When a customer enters your bank, they likely have a one-track mind. They’re there to make a deposit, set up an account, withdraw funds, or perhaps to apply for a loan. But, your bank offers a variety of services and opportunities for customers that they’ll miss out on if they don’t have the opportunity to learn about them.

Waiting for your customers to need the services you offer is a missed opportunity for your bank, and that’s where marketing comes in. Marketing managers for banks have a big task, often coordinating multiple branches and locations with the same information. Static signage is cumbersome and can take days to get updated at every location.

Digital signage presents a tremendous opportunity for banks to educate their customers, promote their products and services and engage their communities within their walls.

Your customers come from all levels of wealth and financial literacy, and the wait time is the perfect opportunity to teach them about how to better manage their money, educate them about new policies, and security measures while they wait.

By letting your bank staff function as guides for your customers, rather than salesmen, you give your customers a more optimal experience. However, you know best what they may need and educating them about the services and opportunities available to them is key. Showcasing those things on your digital signage opens the door to a conversation about the services offered by your institution with information.

When your customers wait, you’re also able to express your brand in an authentic way. By showcasing your brand elements, brand colors, messaging, as well as your team, you give your customers a positive brand experience within your doors.

Digital signage is easy to update, ideal for banks because it can be instantly updated at any location from any computer. No more hauling around or shipping out signage to multiple locations and waiting for it to be displayed.

We’d love you to help your financial institution communicate more effectively with digital signage. Click here to schedule a free consult.

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Digital Signage for Your School

As education leaders prepare for a fall unlike any other, they’re working hard to build strategies for returning to learning environments that are safe and successful for students and employees.

A huge challenge for all districts will be to keep everyone on the same page as changes continue to roll out through the school year. While change is nothing new for educators, this year presents some distinct challenges.

Schools that are already utilizing digital signage know that there are few things more optimal for communicating effectively across numerous campuses and locations to a high number of students.

One benefit to digital signage is that it grabs the eye without being interruptive. Engaging viewers allows them to take in the message quickly without distracting them from the learning environment.

Digital signage in your school building gives you the option to keep everyone on the same page with numerous announcements without disrupting educational time. Updated easily from any internet-connected device, digital signage that’s simple to use and easy to update is a tremendous asset for districts when it come to communication.

By utilizing a looping playlist for announcements, not only do you ensure that everyone sees everything they need to, it also provides passive repetition which allows people to remember and recall a reminder more easily than one made over a PA system.

Retriever Digital Signage has been partnering with schools for years, as our easy-to-use platform is affordable and optimal for education users. As you develop your plan for reopening schools, we’d love to be included in that conversation to help you put together a communication strategy that will be both effective and easily executable. Click here to schedule a time to chat.

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Retriever Digital Signage

If your business has digital signage, there are a few key elements that you should make sure are always a part of your playlist… and it might not be what you think!

When businesses schedule out their digital signage playlists, they often are only thinking about their primary call to action – which is definitely important – but part of the gameplan for all digital signage users should also be to keeping the viewer engaged with the content for as long as possible.

How you achieve that is to make sure that your playlist isn’t just chock full of the same call to action, but instead peppers in the key calls to action with valuable, engaging content that isn’t making an ask of the viewer.

Moreover, that content needs to say fresh and relevant, because the moment something seems outdated or irrelevant, the whole screen will lose viewer engagement.

You can do that easily with as little work on your team as possible by including these three items in every playlist:


Digital signage is an awesome way to get the word out quickly and visually to a large group of people. When something has changed or you have something exciting coming up, the digital screens posted around your company are the optimal place to communicate that information.


When you keep the weather updates included in your playlist, there’s always a reason to take a look! Especially if – like us – you’re located in a temperamental climate that is subject to quick changes in weather!


Make your playlist fun by including trivia, whether it’s custom made for your company or you pull from our catalog of trivia. If you’re using your digital signage in an area where people are waiting, you’ll be extra glad you included this because it’ll make the wait time fly!

Social Media Feeds

You’re already creating great, engaging content for your brand on social media, so why leave it there? Bring over that same great content on your digital signs and pique the interest of your viewer, who may want to engage with you on social media if they see something great from you on your screen, and who is more likely to watch longer if what they’re seeing is interesting.

We get a rush out of helping businesses like yours develop a strategy for leveraging the power of their digital signage, and we’d love to be of assistance. Click here to set up a free consult with one of our team.

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Waiting: Optimized!

As businesses reopen with reduced capacity and social distancing measures in place, more businesses than ever have to keep their customers waiting. Waiting is no fun for customers, and it’s far from the ideal way to welcome your customers into your business.

But, waiting doesn’t have to feel like waiting. Businesses can reclaim the wait time and turn that time into a meaningful opportunity to start to create a great experience for your customers.

One of the worst aspects of waiting is feeling bored and uncertain of how long the wait will be. The more bored and uncertain the time becomes, the more frustrated your customers grow.

So, the key to reducing perceived wait is to engage your customers with entertaining and educational content that helps the time to pass quickly (or at least, seem that way)!


Digital signage is a great tool for reducing perceived wait time with on-brand messaging. Our digital signage tool, Retriever Digital Signage, provides businesses with access to built in trivia, news headlines, social media feeds, and weather reports to keep content fresh and engaging in between marketing messages.

In this way, perceived wait time is significantly reduced and customers are able to begin their brand experience in a positive, engaging way without the frustration that typically comes with a long wait.

We’d love to help you strategize ways to improve wait time in your business. Shoot us an email at and we can help!

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Digital Signage for the Start of School

When the time comes to re-open schools this fall in regular or blended learning capacities, much will be different from the last point students and teachers were in the building. School leaders are undergoing the significant challenge of planning for the unknown, while trying to keep the building safe for all those inside.

With certainty, we know that flexibility will be key for all employees and students. Things will be different, and things will change as we go. Adaptability and communication are central to executing back to school this fall in a way that everyone can get on board with.

That’s why highly effective visual communication will be key to educators when the time comes to re-open, and it needs to be a part of the plan as educational leaders begin to strategize for re-opening.

If your campus hasn’t already adopted digital signage as a part of their communication strategy, now is the time. The benefit to digital signage is that it grabs the eye without being interruptive. Engaging viewers allows them to take in the message quickly without distracting them from the learning environment.

Built around a looping playlist, Retriever Digital Signage leverages one of the keys to successful education – repetition. By integrating relevant information, visually engaging movement and graphics, and repetition of the message to make sure that every individual viewing the digital signage has the opportunity to view and receive the message.

As districts and universities roll out new policies and procedures, it’ll be important to be able to synchronize those changes across multiple classrooms, hallways, and campuses in a unified way. Our Retriever Digital Signage can publish the same message to all of your digital signage in every location at a touch of a button from any internet-connected device. Simplicity is key!

As you develop your plan for reopening your district, university or school building, we’d love to be included in that conversation to help you put together a communication strategy that will be both effective and easily executable. Click here to schedule a time to chat.

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Keep Your Best People

It’s a well understood fact, it’s far more efficient to retain your best employees versus attracting new, qualified employees. Just the amount of time it takes to train and bring someone up to speed can, in some cases, take a year before a new employee is turning out the same quality of work as their predecessor.

Creating and maintaining a workplace where your employees thrive and feel a strong sense of belonging is crucial to the life of your business. But, we all realize that retaining your great employees can be costly and can be a real challenge in certain industries.

While keeping your best employees certainly requires that you offer a competitive pay, employee retention has to do with way more than their compensation package.

Fostering a business with a great culture that ensures your employees feel valued and satisfied requires intentionality from leadership.

Communicate Well and Often

Identifying brokenness in your employee communication is the first step you can take to provide an optimal workplace to your employees. The best way to identify brokenness is to assess trends in complaints, frustrations, conflicts, and misunderstandings your team has experienced. Is there a process, a trend, or any consistency to the problems happening? What’s the bigger issue?

Then, begin to strategically address the communication shortfalls. When expectations are clear and processes are refined, things go smoothly for your employees and they can enjoy their work and their co-workers more, which has a direct impact on their job satisfaction.

Retooling processes and strategies for communication can be a challenge, though, if you’re not thinking outside the box. Ask yourself: how can you effectively improve your communications strategies without adding to your workload or reducing work time from your team’s working hours? You don’t want to bog people down with excessive meetings or emails, after all.

Systems to automate announcements, reminders, and information are key – particularly in large workplaces where there are many people and moving parts. This is where digital signage can be a huge benefit to any workplace as an employee communication strategy – one person can automate the distribution of any message across numerous worksites at a moment’s notice.

When your employees know what’s going on, they feel more plugged into your team and your leadership. And, when they feel more connected, they’re likely to feel a deeper sense of satisfaction… it’s pretty hard to leave a job you’re satisfied with.

If you’d like to learn more strategies for improving communication your workplace, we’d love to help. Click here to download our free communication guide for Human Resources managers.

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