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With any tool, when you first set it up, you put a lot of energy into learning the tool and figuring out how it will work for your business. But, as time goes on, most people stop short of using the tool to its full capabilities once they’ve reached the minimum viable product for their basic needs.

We get it, but what if your digital signage could be an even greater communication solution for you without adding even a penny to your budget?

There are four easy ways you can take your Retriever Digital Signage to the next level, helping to maximize its impact.

Schedule Ahead

Instead of going into your playlist all the time, plan ahead and batch your edits, using the scheduling tool to publish and unpublish your slides. Not only will scheduling your slides save you time down the road, it will ensure that you don’t forget to include something important during your company’s busiest times.

Not sure how to schedule? Watch this quick video:

See “What’s New”

One of the most important rules to live by when it comes to your digital signage is to keep things things fresh – both in the way things look as well as content.

One easy and quick way to refresh your content is by simply changing the slide template and giving it a fresh template. At Retriever, we are constantly turning out new slide templates, and we conveniently put everything new in the “What’s New” category – check it out!

Whats-New-Category Retriever Digital Signage


Vary Your Message

If you want to get people to pay attention to your primary call to action, the most effective way to do that is to hold their attention as long as possible. In order to grab their attention effectively, you need a mixture of slides that are informative, educational, entertaining along with your call to action.

We’ve made it extra simple for you to incorporate slides that will hold the attention of your customers. Simply scroll through the categories on your Retriever playlist to incorporate weather forecasts, news headlines, trivia, and more.

It’s simple to make your own entertaining and educational trivia about your company – and it’s a great way to elevate your brand message! To learn how to make your own custom trivia questions on Retriever, watch this short video:


Showcase Your Brand

It’s easy to customize your Retriever playlist to reflect your brand – nearly every slide template features customization that allows you to show your brand at its finest. Moreover, incorporate brand elements such as your logo and team photos throughout your playlist to contextualize and welcome people into your facility.


If you are looking for ways to take your digital signage to the next level, we’d love to be a part of that conversation. Reach out and set up a call with one of our experts.


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Retriever Digital Signage at Bookmasters

We’re all living in strange times, and as businesses slowly begin to re-open in light of the global coronavirus pandemic, it’s not exactly business as usual. Every business is faced with new restrictions, protocols and requirements in order to keep employees and customers safe.

Regardless of how you feel about the protocols and policies, one thing is for certain for all of us: the rules are constantly in flux. And, when that’s the case, your business and your communications need to be nimble.

Figuring out a way to quickly change the message and communicate it well as the rules change takes strategy, effort, and adaptability. And, while some businesses are great at this, the more people you have in your facility, the more of a challenge that becomes.

That’s where digital signage becomes a real asset to any business, whether your facility is customer-facing or not. Digital signage is a brilliant communication tool for any type of business looking to get their message out quickly and effectively. And, once it’s installed, the message can change as often as it needs to without going to any additional effort.

Our digital signage solution, Retriever, works like this:

You install your TV screens along with your Retriever console in the locations where signage needs to be visible.

Then, you simply update your screens from any computer, syncing all your signage at once… regardless of its location.

Indeed, there’s no need to go off-site if your company exists across numerous locations, or to make the long trek across a warehouse. Everywhere, all at once.

Whatever communication challenges your company is facing, or may be facing in the future, we’re here to help. Simply reach out and we’ll set up a quick consult and see how Retriever Digital Signage might be a helpful addition to your company’s communication plan.

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The Secret to Holding Someone's Attention

When you have an important message to get out, it’s easy to sound like a broken record, constantly repeating the message until people get it.

But, if you’ve ever been on the receiving end of that broken record, you know that it’s easy to tune out after you’ve gotten the point… even if you really could benefit from a few more reminders.

The same is true for your business. If every message is one note, then your employees & customers won’t build a relationship with your brand, they’ll simply just hear you pounding the drum on repeat to do the one thing that’s on your agenda for them.

And, that one thing you want them to do might entirely miss out on what they might need.

If you want to keep your employees and customers engaged, your messaging needs to say more than just one thing. So while your one, important message is important, how can you diversify your message and hold attention?

The secret to holding someone’s attention is to keep them interested with a variety of information. As long as relevant information continues to come, they’ll stick with you. This is the secret behind the success of social media, and it will work within your business as well – the moment the information is outdated or irrelevant, we disengage… but keep new and interesting content coming, and you’ll hold onto your viewer.

Start by thinking about other important brand messages to get out there. For example:

  • Educate your customers about products & services
  • Introduce your employees
  • Connect with community organizations that align with your values, and share their messages
  • List educational and service opportunities
  • Celebrate important and exciting achievements
  • Explain your core values and what they look like lived out
  • Announce upcoming opportunities to engage with your brand

One great way to organize and distribute all of this information is with Retriever Digital Signage. When you create your Retriever playlist, it’s easy to take advantage of the opportunity to educate and entertain your customers.

If you need to re-engage your customers, we can help. Click here to schedule a conversation.


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Communication Plan for Back to School

The 2019-2020 school year threw us all some real curve balls as coronavirus sidelined everyone, requiring us to shelter in place. With a ton of uncertainty about what the 2020-2021 school year will look like, educational leaders are faced with some serious challenges about how to safely re-open their doors to students, teachers and staff when the time comes.

No matter what re-opening schools looks like, one thing is for certain: there will be changes. And, then, once we get used to those changes, there will probably be even more changes.

Adaptability has become the name of the game for all of humanity, for every industry and sector. And, central to adaptability, is communication.

Because, when plans change, when policies adjust, when the rules are changed, it’s critical that those changes are well communicated to everyone impacted by the change.

Educators proved to be exceptional at adaptation in the spring of 2020 as schools went online and remote learning became the norm. And just as things started to get into a rhythm where everyone knew where to find the links/resources/materials and what was expected, the school year came to an end.

When students and teachers re-enter the school buildings, however, we’re going to need to be even better with communication than we were during shelter-in-place, because the stakes are much higher. We’ll need for everyone to understand and implement the expected changes immediately. There won’t be much time for a learning curve.

That’s why highly effective visual communication will be key to educators when the time comes to re-open, and it needs to be a part of the plan as educational leaders begin to strategize for re-opening.

Visual and engaging digital signage is one form that this type of communication may take. The benefit to digital signage is that it grabs the eye without being interruptive. Engaging viewers allows them to take in the message quickly without distracting them from the learning environment.

Educators know better than anyone that repetition is the mother of all studies, and that will be key to effective social distancing in your classrooms and cafeterias – say the same thing in multiple ways, multiple times if you want people to understand it and ultimately let that understanding shape their behavior. Digital signage is great at repetition because it’s centered on a looping playlist.

And, as we make changes, it’ll be important to be able to synchronize those changes across multiple classrooms, hallways, and campuses in a unified way. Our Retriever Digital Signage can publish the same message to all of your digital signage in every location at a touch of a button from any internet-connected device. Simplicity is key!

As you develop your plan for reopening schools, we’d love to be included in that conversation to help you put together a communication strategy that will be both effective and easily executable. Click here to schedule a time to chat.

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Visual Communication is Key for Banks

We are living in a new world, one in which social distancing, mask-wearing, and hygienic practices are paramount.

As banks navigate this new world, many have been conducting business through their drive throughs throughout stay at home orders. But, eventually, all of our doors will re-open. And, at that point, we need a plan.

There are so many considerations to be made about how to safely do business and keep our employees and customers safe. Every decision we make is underpinned with outstanding communication.

As we make those changes and communicate them, static signage is the first instinct of many bank managers, but the reality is that safety protocols are changing rapidly. Your static signage can’t keep up.

Moreover, most banks are one of many branches, and it’s so important to keep everyone on the same page, at the same time.

This is why digital signage is such a great tool for banks to consider now, while their front doors are closed, as a part of their re-opening strategy. Digital signage allows for one message to be simultaneously cast to as many places as needed with the press of a button. As your policies change, so will your signs.

Moreover, they offer a much higher level of visual engagement than a static sign, so they’re more likely to grab the attention of your customers, and hold it.

Digital signs offer you the opportunity to educate your customers about new opportunities and offers, policies, as well as an outlet to show your support for the community through your playlist, and thank the heroes in your back yard.

Though wait times may increase, perceived wait may reduce with the entertainment and education offered with your Retriever Digital Signage.

We’d love to help you get started. Click here to schedule a free consult.

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Re-Open Your Business With Excellent Communication

As businesses prepare to re-open their doors, business as usual may not be the same for awhile. Whether your business is a B2B or B2C, it’s wise to begin to strategize now for what re-opening will look like for your company.

You’re probably already thinking about what new procedures will you will implement to keep customers and employees socially distant. You may have begun to think of how you’ll sanitize surfaces and give employees opportunities to wash hands regularly. And, perhaps you’ve already put together a strategy for limiting the volume of people in your business.

But, creating the policies and procedures is phase one. Execution of those policies and procedures demands outstanding, thorough communication.

When it comes to communication, the number one mistake most people make is by assuming that saying something once is enough!

In fact, most people need to see a message close to seven times to fully change their behavior. In addition to getting your team back into the normal routine, it’s hard to ask your team leaders to be constantly reminding every individual in your business of the new procedure.

That’s why it is so incredibly important to your business to have visually engaging digital signage in your business.

People love to look at a screen – their eyes are drawn to them. So, placing your message strategically on the screen, is step one.

Then, provide a ton of value to keep your viewer engaged: updates on the weather, local news, and interesting facts and figures is a great way to hold their attention (and to keep those those customers who now have a longer wait, entertained!).

Then, leverage the power of repetition. Instead of having an employee communicate the message seven times and sound like a broken record, allow your digital signage to reinforce the expectations, policies and procedures in a clear and effective way.

Best of all, when restrictions change or when all of this is over, it’s easy to change the digital signage quickly, in a few moments from any internet-connected device.

If you’re ready to incorporate digital signage into your communication strategy, we’d love to help. Click here to schedule a call.

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The Critical Importance of Visual Communication in the Workplace

Whether your business has continued operation through the pandemic or you’re preparing to re-open in the near future, we can all assert: as we return to normal, things won’t be quite the same.

As our businesses re-open, it will be critical to employ new business practices, procedures, and policies in order to keep our employees and customers safe in this new world we’re all living in.

One of the greatest challenges we have when managing a large pool of employees as we reopen our country will be to get everyone on the same page. Communicating new procedures and policies, and then seeing them through in action, will require an intentional communication plan and strategy to reinforce expectations so as to not fall into old routines and rhythms.

After all, “repetition is the mother of all studies.” As humans, we often require reminders and reinforcements to learn new habits and rhythms. Yet, in this economic climate, your business almost certainly has even more significant priorities than reminding your employees of new social distancing and preventative procedures.

This is why visual communication strategically positioned throughout your workplace is absolutely critical to your success and the health of your company as the country re-opens. Most people need to hear, see and practice a new routine several times before it becomes a habit.

Rather than overtaxing your management team with constant reminders that aren’t focused on your core business, allow your team to position new initiatives in normal meetings, emails, and memos, but then allow your digital signage to do the heavy lifting of providing consistent and regular reminders.

Digital signage will prove especially effective in your efforts here because it is highly visually engaging, leveraging movement, light and color to draw the eye in a way static signage falls short. Additionally, because the nature of digital signage is to rotate a playlist of reminders, announcements, and engaging information, it holds the viewer’s attention for much longer than a static sign, which most people glance only once and then not again. That means, more repetitions of the important messages you need to distribute are seen by your desired audience.

If you’re not already using digital signage, or if your digital signage is falling short of the important task at hand, we can help. Set up a free consult with our expert by clicking this link.

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Encouraging Your Residents With Digital Signage

For residents in assisted living, quarantine or lockdown can be incredibly discouraging. While assisted living facilities work tirelessly to keep their residents safe from coronavirus, the time alone can feel incredibly lonely for residents as they go for long stretches without visitors or social interaction.

For facilities employing digital signage, however, there’s an opportunity to utilize those digital screens to inject a little bit of encouragement and joy back into residents lives.

Consider the value of being able to visually communicate to all of your residents at once – what would you say?

Some of our clients are leveraging the power of digital signage to remind their residents of healthy habits, like movement and healthy eating. In the stead of large gatherings and gym access, reminders such as these are more important than ever!

Playing video messages from family and friends is another tremendous way to encourage residents during a lockdown. Being able to see friendly smiles and laughing children is an encouragement for all, especially for those residents who are related to those on the videos. And, it removes the technological barrier for residents who are less savvy with technology, autoplaying the videos as a part of a Retriever playlist.

Sending encouraging messages from residents to each other is another great way to encourage your residents during quarantine. Even if its simply with a photo and a white board, seeing a friend – or yourself – on TV is exciting at any time!

We’re living in a strange new world, and we’d love to help you as you navigate this crisis. Reach out and set up a free virtual consult here.

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Four Ways to Celebrate Your Residents with Digital Signage

Assisted living facilities provide both the care that seniors need as well as a unique sense of community for the residents and staff. There are special friendships formed among residents and staff over the years they reside in an assisted care facility.

Creating a quality of life that is as full and rich as possible presents a tremendous opportunity for staff to be creative in their approach to help their residents know how valued and special they are.

Facilities with digital signage have an opportunity to both broadcast special moments as well as create some sweet memories for residents within the four walls of their center. Here are four ideas for how to celebrate your residents using your digital signage:

Celebrate Birthdays & Anniversaries

Most obviously, celebrate special days for your residents using your digital signage. This not only makes them feel extra special on their big day, it gives their friends and neighbors a chance to wish them a happy birthday or happy anniversary too!

Celebrate Special Achievements

Whether one of your residents has just completed a quilt or reached a goal for their physical therapy, everyone is encouraged when you celebrate the achievement of their goals!

Share Memories from Special Events

Showcasing the smiles and fun from a recent special event will bring back fun memories, but also will help those who have been hesitant to get involved to know how much fun is being had and encourage them to come along for the next activity!

Surprise Them With Messages from Visitors

When your residents have guest visit, give them the chance to surprise their loved ones with a photo and a special hello showcased on the screens!

There are dozens of ways you can leverage the power of your digital signage within your assisted living facility, and we’d love to help. And, if you haven’t yet installed digital signage, we can help strategize how it might be an easy and affordable way to level up your on-site communication. Schedule a free consult here!

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Leveraging Digital Signage in Assisted Living Facilities

Assisted living facilities have a unique challenge: maintain a high quality of life for your residents while keeping an institution of people on the same page. Outstanding communication is key to making it all work.

When you’re trying to reach seniors as well as staff and family, finding opportunities to communicate with them passively and repeatedly is key to retention of important messages. Digital signage can be much more than just a TV in your lobby in retirement communities.

For example, your digital signage can showcase photos and videos of special moments – who doesn’t love to see themselves “on TV?” Your digital screens can also show the menu for your dining facilities, announcements, weather updates, upcoming events, important announcements, as well as local news updates.

Many assisted living facilities are large, some with multiple buildings, and getting a message quickly across is sometimes of the essence. With your digital signage, you are able to update your playlist or post an urgent announcement visible on all screens in a matter of seconds.

The nature of digital signage is that it repeats relevant information in a passive way. As we age, sometimes our ability to retain information from a conversation fades. The repetition of a message allows for all of your seniors to be reminded of an important message numerous times, as much as they may need. The highly visible nature of digital signage also allows for those even with reduced vision to read and engage.

We created Retriever Digital Signage as an optimal solution for those working in senior residential living, and we’d love to help you see how it might be of use to you. Schedule a free consult by clicking here, and together we can help you see where and how digital signage might be of use to you in communicating with your residents, family and staff.

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