Festivity for Every Holiday on Your Retrievers

When October hits, the wild string of holidays from Halloween to Valentine’s Day take off! This year more than ever, showing a little festivity around the holidays can add a spark of enthusiasm to your workplace.

Retriever Digital Signage was created with an aim of simplifying your job. When it comes to getting your message across in an eye-catching, festive way, we’ve got your back. Our Retriever slide template library is full of fun, seasonal slides for every holiday.

Holiday Slides from Retriever Digital SignageSimply navigate to the “Holidays” category on your Retriever dashboard. We’ve created dozens of slides for many of the year’s holidays. And, if you’re the type of person who likes to work ahead, we’ve made it simple to schedule your slides to deliver on time, and unpublish whenever you’re ready.

Moreover, our Retriever Digital Signage allows you to instantly sync across numerous locations and installation sites. Whether your place of business is one large facility or multiple campuses, update your Retrievers without ever leaving your desk.

Sprinkle in some seasonal festivity with your Retrievers and bring a smile to your employees and customers while getting your message across effectively. If we can do anything to help optimize your Retrievers, reach out!

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Retriever Digital Signage

When you’re marketing for a bank, you are trying to communicate to a broad demographic spectrum with limited time to get your message across while they’re in your lobby. Then, to top it off, you’re likely responsible for coordinating the message across multiple locations.

To do your job effectively, you need simple, efficient solutions that optimize your customer wait time and magnify your efforts. Digital signage is one of the best ways to add hours back into your week while delivering your message effectively to your customer base.

We created Retriever as the digital signage solution for regional banks that need to get their message across effectively – and without any added complications.

Retriever is simple for anyone to use. It’s web-based, which allows you to update all of your digital signage in any location from anywhere.

One of the best features of Retriever is its ability to provide relevant, fresh content through delivering live updates of weather, local news headlines, and social media feeds into the playlist. We also have built in trivia which you can use as-is, or customize to your business.

The reason native, updating content is so key is that it keeps your customers engaged and entertained as they wait.  If you’re holding their attention, it gives you the opportunity to educate your customers about extended services and products during their wait time.

“It’s a no-brainer. It’s a click of a button and you save yourself time and that’s money. It’s like adding a staff member,” shares Kristi Lord, Marketing Manager at Mechanics Bank in Mansfield, Ohio.

Retriever Digital Signage is a great solution for any bank, and we’d love to help you discover how it can work for you to optimize your wait time. Schedule a 15-minute consult right here to learn more.

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Your Bulletin Board is Busted

In business, especially if your company has been around for awhile, it can be easy to do things the way you’ve always done it. That is, until the pain to stay the same is greater than the pain to change.

One incredibly frustrating problem we see wreaking havoc on companies due to sticking with the status quo is poor communication. The culprit? The incredibly outdated bulletin board.

The world changed, and our brains are no longer trained to pay attention to static signage. If you think about what you read each day, how often are you reading something off a piece of paper these days? Odds are good, it’s rare.

So, if you’re still using a bulletin board to communicate with your employees, you might find yourself saying things like, “If people would just read…” or “I made it perfectly clear…” or “Didn’t you see…?”

Companies with bulletin boards find themselves in an endless game of repetition. You wrote the memo, you posted it, but you never get the traction you’re looking for.

You only have so many hours in the week, so if you’re spending those hours repeating yourself in order to communicate, your business is losing money and you will only feel more stagnant in your job.

The cure for this problem is digital signage. Digital signage is an effective, affordable way to grab the eyes of your employees and get your messages across without giving yourself a headache.

Digital signage is the perfect way to communicate with the 21st century mind, drawn to screens and better able to recall information communicated digitally with appropriate repetition. Digital signage syncs across your entire business, whether you’re in one small warehouse or a multi-site location. It’s easy to update and simple enough that anyone can use it.

We believe that communication doesn’t have to be hard in a business, and we have some great solutions to help solve your communication problem. Click the button to download our free Human Resources Guide to Communication – our gift to you:
Download our Communications Guide

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Digital Menus Upgrade Restaurants

In the age of COVID, restaurants everywhere are working hard to keep their restaurants open, their teams employed, and their customers safe. It’s no small task and our country is lucky to have such dedicated people working in the hospitality industry.

If ever your restaurant was considering migrating to digital menus, this is an optimal time. Sure, it would instantly eliminate the stress of having to sanitize menus between use, but digital menus present significantly more benefits to restaurants.

For one, digital menus allow a tremendous amount of flexibility to change the menu offerings. For example, if you want to beta test a new menu item, add it for a short time to see how it performs.

Menu flexibility is also especially helpful when an item runs out. Restaurant dining is all about the experience for the diners. When you put such a great deal of intentionality around your every detail, being able to showcase an accurate menu is key. When your diners know what options are available to them, they won’t be met with frustration, disappointment or frantic second choices.

Digital screens in your restaurant also allow you to highlight special promotions and offers. Running an event? Seasonal items? Special discount? Showcase these as they’re most relevant and leverage the four walls marketing in your restaurant.

Digital menus also are more eye catching and present opportunities to showcase your items in an appetizing and vibrant way. Print menus fade in time, and even with the best photography, a slightly inaccurate print color can turn your meal from delicious to damaging in a moment.

We offer a digital menu solution that’s both simple, appealing and affordable for restaurants. Retriever Digital Signage is an awesome solution for all restaurants, and we’d be happy to consult on how it might work for your restaurant. Click here to schedule a consult.

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Essential Features for Digital Signage

Every business needs to communicate. Whether its with your employees, your customers, or the world at large, telling your story well is all about messaging and delivery.

Digital signage helps businesses like yours to communicate on-site with maximum impact. But, not all digital signage is equally effective. Navigating the options on the market can be overwhelming.

If you’re in the market for digital signage, here are some features you should be considering:

Graphic Designer in a Box

When you have an important message to get out there, time is of the essence! Getting a good looking message on your needs to be simple for anyone on your team, regardless of their graphic design ability.

Unlimited Support

Technology is amazing, but even the best technology breaks sometimes. You need a digital signage solution that has a support team at the ready to help you troubleshoot and fix as soon as possible, so your messages don’t stay down for long!

Automated Content

Relevant content is key to keeping your viewers engaged with your message. Rather than overwhelming viewers with the same call to action over and over, invite them into an experience in which they can learn something new and be entertained, as well as driving them to action.

We’ve created Retriever Digital Signage to engage the viewer with automatically populated news headlines, weather updates, trivia, and social media updates for this very purpose.

Emergency Alerts

We live in a time when smart businesses are prepared for emergency situations. When your digital signage can support your emergency action plan, you can save lives.

Update from Anywhere

Wherever you are, being able to update your signage from anywhere is key to making sure that you’re always delivering the message you need in a unified way.

We’ve created a free downloadable comparison sheet comparing a variety of options on the market – feature for feature – to help you make an informed, smart decision.

Download the Digital Signage Comparison Sheet

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How to Grab and Hold Someone's Attention in Your Business

If you feel like your employees are often distracted or missing key messages, you’re not alone. Grabbing and keeping the attention of your employees can be really challenging amidst all of the noise of technology.

As communication methods dial up by the day, getting your message to make an impact amidst a sea of notifications and pings can be a real challenge. So, how can you grab and hold someone’s attention enough to make an impact?

There are a few key principles that really make all the difference.


We live in an age where everyone has infinite people and companies competing for our attention. If you want to get your message to land, you need to repeat it a minimum of seven times.  But, seven times can feel pretty intense, so you need to find a way to automate the repetition so you’re saying it once, but people hear or see it seven times.


To disrupt from the status quo, you have to surprise the eyes in some way. Bright colors, animations, movement, familiar faces and surprising things tend to do the trick in breaking up the monotony of the feed and grabbing the attention enough to answer the question, “Is this relevant enough to pay attention to?”

Deliver Value

If all you’re doing is asking for things that serve you, then your audience will tune out, quickly. The pushy salesman is a turnoff for anyone, but when someone offers us something of value, we stay tuned to see what they have to say. So, when getting your message across, intersperse your thing with relevant, timely and helpful information of value to your audience. Make it about them first and foremost, and you’ll keep them tuned in for far longer.

Speak to the Heart

Most decisions are made emotionally, so triggering emotion for a person lends you the opportunity to not only get their attention but to aid them in making a decision that will support their relationship with your brand or company. Anywhere possible, drill down to the deeper purpose of why what you’re doing matters and tell that story.

We’d love to help you communicate even more effectively in your business. Click here to schedule a free consult.

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Employee Communication Retriever Digital Signage

If you’re in human resources, your job is full of challenges. Anything you can do to streamline systems and support your work is not only appreciated, it can make all the difference!

Digital signage is not often considered as part of the Human Resources toolkit, but it should be. While there are obvious uses for your marketing team, communicating well with your employees falls to your department and the more effective you can be, the better your entire company is.

Companies using digital signage in their facilities are able to communicate quickly and with impact across numerous locations without ever leaving their desks. And, when you use highly visual motion graphics you’re far more likely to grab the attention of your team than you are with a memo pinned to a bulletin board.

While there are dozens of ways digital signage might be helpful to your team, here are the top five ways that we have seen our digital signage solution help the human resources professionals we’re supporting:


When something important changes, communicating the change among a large staff and across numerous locations and shifts presents a real challenge. In seconds, with Retriever Digital Signage, you can update everyone on the team right where they are.


When you’re starting a new position, it can be challenging to learn all the names of the key people you need to know and get oriented with your internal procedures and policies. Leveraging digital signage in key spots will flatten the learning curve and cut your onboarding down by weeks.

Safety & Wellness

It has never been more critical to keep our employees safe and healthy, and digital signage is a tremendous way to communicate the important – and often quickly changing – health and safety policies team-wide, without leaving your desk.


Keep everyone on the same page with your goals and progress by displaying your KPIs on your digital signage. Track your goals and stay on target, together!

Employee Engagement

Whether you’re highlighting employee achievements, celebrating life’s greatest moments, or getting the word out about the company picnic, digital signage is a great way to keep your employees engaged and build your team dynamic. Particularly for manufacturing settings where an employee may not be connected via email, utilizing the power of digital signage to support your team building efforts is an effective solution to engaging your employees.

Whether or not you’re ready for digital signage in your workplace, we’d love to give you a helpful resource for communicating more effectively with your team. We have created this ebook as a manifesto of the importance of effective communication for human resources managers. Click here to download it for free, and we’ll follow up with you to see how we can help you brainstorm some great solutions for your workplace.

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Drive Sales in Your Store with the Power of Digital

Your business’s brand is much more than a logo and a color palette. Your brand is the experience that someone has with your company from the very first moment they begin to engage with you, whether that’s on your website or by walking through your front door.

Businesses have widely begun to understand the power of their digital presence. Companies looking to grow and sustain their businesses regularly invest thousands into their web presence to ensure that it’s an optimal experience for customers, aimed at conversion. Clear messaging and calls to action as well as a visually engaging user experience throughout your website ensure that taking the next step is an easy one for your customers.

So, why aren’t more in-person businesses paying the same attention to their in-store experience?

When you look around a lot of stores and restaurants, outdated approaches to signage and user experience continue to reign. In fact, even as our world changes, many storefronts have not changed their approach to customer communication in decades!

In our increasingly visual and distracted world, highly engaging visual communication is key to capturing your customer’s attention and guiding them to your desired call to action.

If your store is having a sale, on your website you probably have a highly visual modal popup advertising the discount a few seconds after the page loads. Why isn’t just a static banner on your site? Because the movement and the interruption of the popup does a better job of converting, of grabbing the attention of the user.

Digital signage can provide the same level of eye-grabbing conversion in your store by leveraging the power of video, color, and animation. Sure, static signs are good reinforcements, but if you really want to drive sales, you need to communicate the way a 21st century brain communicates – with a screen, using eye-grabbing visuals!

We’d love to help you increase sales in your store or restaurant with powerful, eye-grabbing digital signage. Set up a free consult with one of our experts by clicking here.

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Reduce Meetings and Streamline Communication

We’ve all been there. We’re introducing something new to the teams – a new procedure, policy or routine, perhaps. So, we start by going through it at a team meeting. Everyone leaves on board, saying they understand.

But, within a week, you notice that people are falling back into their old habits.

So, you schedule more meetings to check in about the new process, seeing if any new questions have arisen, and telling people how important the new thing is.

We have all been there – in fact, on average, businesses are spending 23 hours in unnecessary meetings each week!

So, why do new procedures take so long to grow roots?

In part, that has to do with how the human brain works. Human beings require on average seven repetitions of new information before they are ready to take action. But, not all of those repetitions need to utilize the same methodology.

For example, you can hear something, read something, try something, see something, etc. What if you told your team just once in a meeting, and automated the next six (or more) repetitions? Can you imagine how that might increase the impact of the message you’re trying to deliver?

That’s one great way digital signage can help your business. When you place TV screens throughout your workplace in clear view of your employees, you can capture and hold their attention in a way that passively reminds them on a looping playlist throughout the day.

Imagine that you tell your team how to do something at a meeting, followed up with a quick email outlining the new process. Then, throughout your workspace they’re reminded by video, photo and text signage that repeats on a loop and draws their eye. The normal rhythm of hearing something new and promptly forgetting it would go right out the window!

We’d love to help your team streamline your communication. Click here to schedule a consult, and we can help.

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Five Best Practices for Managing Digital Signs

The great thing about having digital signage installed in your business is that it’s pretty low maintenance. In fact, most people with companies using digital signage find it far less work than traditional signage, with a significantly greater impact.

It is important, however, not to completely forget your digital signage, otherwise its impact will considerably drop over time. Here’s what we recommend:

Regular Refresh

Once a month, go in and refresh your playlist. You don’t even have to change the content itself, just pick some fresh layouts, images or colors. Your audience – be it customers, employees, clients, students or residents – will notice quickly and begin to pay more attention to the messages being delivered.

Utilize Movement

Video and animation are key to grabbing the eye on your digital signage. Find slide layouts that incorporate movement that will capture the attention of your viewers.

Stay Current

The moment outdated information hits your playlist, you send your viewers the message that this is an irrelevant tool. Plan ahead, and schedule a slide to unpublish on the day it becomes outdated, or hop in there and take it down if you can’t plan ahead. The more relevant your signage, the more engaged your audience!

Variety is the spice of signage

Incorporate a variety of messages into your digital signage, not just one note over and over. The key to viewer engagement is that each slide delivers something new and holds their attention. If your primary call to action is “Shop our sale!” then only deliver that message every fourth or fifth slide – peppering in between valuable information, trivia, weather and news in order to keep your viewer from tuning out.

Personalize it

It’s easy to customize your digital signage to match your brand, so take the time to use your company’s brand color palette, and identify different aspects of how you want to express your brand through your digital signage.

If you aren’t yet using digital signage in your company, or if you’re new to digital signage, we’d love to help guide you on this path. Click here to connect.

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