Do You Have a Communication Gap

Do You Have a Communication Gap?

When you’re communicating with a large workforce, you have a lot of options. And, chances are, you’ve tried it all: bulletin boards, email, paycheck memos, text messages – the list goes on. And, even more frustrating: what worked for you just a few years ago isn’t working anymore.

Despite the fact that we are currently living in the age of digital communication, the world of human resources has, on the whole, struggled to keep ahead of the curve. One of the biggest reasons for this challenge is almost counter-intuitive. Communication has been generally streamlined in the business world, but those new channels have in large part been directed in ways that no longer flow through the HR department. The points of contact that existed even a decade ago for the HR rep and the workforce she serves have generally washed away—leaving a large communication gap in place.

Also factoring into this challenge is the fact that the role of HR professionals has become more complicated. And industry metrics show that the role may become even more complex in the coming decades. Today’s HR professionals have a much more strategic role and higher visibility within their organizations. The job has changed, and many businesses are struggling to keep up.

So, do you have a gap in communication with your workforce? Here’s how you might be able to tell.

Misinformation & Missing Information

Rumors, incorrect information, and information gaps are prevalent among your workforce. Big and small, misinformation and missing information can erode a workplace culture for one simple reason: when people don’t have all the information, they feel under-valued.


If your team has the information you’re trying to communicate but can’t keep is straight, that is a clear sign that you need to reinforce your message. Saying it once isn’t enough for most people – in fact, most people need to hear a message 5-7 times before they are ready and equipped to take action!

Difficulty Making Changes

If you have ever struggled to roll out a new policy or procedure, then you know that communicating effectively is key to being able to pivot. Reminders, guides, and visual cues are essential to your company’s ability to change.


Do you see your workplace in some of these pain points? We get it… and we’d love to help. Click here to download the Human Resources Guide to Communication – our free guide full of tips to help you improve the way you communicate with your employees!

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