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3 Ways the Retriever can Shake up Workplace Communication


What’s on your desk right now that would be beneficial, morale boosting even, for your employees to see? Are those customer satisfaction letters sitting in a pile having only been read by you? Have you thanked the employee who went above and beyond lately? Does anyone know where the company stands with quarterly sales? What can you do, right now, with your Retriever Digital Signage to shake up internal communication?

With Retriever Digital Signage, you can challenge your standard internal communications and create motion within your employees. For example: if you’ve been reading great articles about how to increase connections between employees and clients, link those articles right into your slide show. It should only take you a few minutes to open up a new slide, link in the article or RSS feed and add a corresponding graphic. Want to encourage some healthy sales competition? Take that data from your spreadsheet and create an up-to-date chart so your sales people can see exactly how close they are to their next bonus.

The best managed tv signage will act as a universal connection for your corporate communication; translating your memos, websites, data feeds, news updates and putting the info where your team can easily access it.

But don’t stop here with sales data and career-related articles. Add in some fun by also using your Retriever Digital Signage as a team builder and forge connections through entertainment. Below are three ideas to get you started!

Company picnic/team building – Any time you get your entire staff together make sure to take photos. They don’t have to be the standard group shots, though! Get a few of families or teams, human pyramids, the food, activities in action and plenty of candids. The following week, add these photos to your slide show and remind them how much fun they had. Hang on to those photos for those cold, dreary winter days when the whole office needs a boost too!

Photo challenge – This is a great way to even create a little healthy competition. Have your employees submit baby photos, high school yearbook celebrity look-alike photos or wedding photos. The employee who can match the photo to the right person gets a little prize, or just the bragging right of know their coworkers the best.

Fundraising – Whatever goal you are working toward as a team, be it financial or items collected for a food bank, use your Retriever Digital Signage to keep employees posted about the progress. Graphs, charts, countdowns or even just a snapshot of the collected items all go a long way in communicating both the progress and team pride.

These are simple ideas, and ones you can use as a stepping stone to build your own employee connection with your organization’s Retriever Digital Signage. And not only do these ideas help your internal communication, they also draw out those employees who might not otherwise be involved with your tv signage displays.

What would you add to this list of ideas to draw extra attention to your Retriever Digital Signage?