Retriever Digital Signage for Banking

Why Every Bank Needs Digital Signage

Wait time is organically a part of every bank’s business model. When a bank is doing its job well, it’s using that wait time to engage and educate their customers about their products beyond the purpose of their visit.

Can you imagine if you were waiting to deposit your paycheck with a teller, and while they were looking at your account they said, “Gee, you have a lot of money in here. Have you considered a CD?” Upselling at the teller window can feel invasive to customers, but it’s essential to the bank to offer a range of services to their customers.

By maximizing the usage of Retriever Digital Signage in the lobby, drive thru, and at the teller windows, you’re giving customers the information they need to be invited into a deeper relationship with their bank.

“Sometimes it’s different to start those cross-selling messages with people or bring up a product they might be interested in, but with Retriever, customers will bring up the product themselves because they’ve seen it,” shares Caroline Worner, Digital Marketing Specialist for Retriever client Mechanics Bank.

Great banks utilize their Retriever Digital Signage for more than just promoting their products, they educate their customers about community events, financial literacy, fraud protection, trivia, and local news headlines – keeping them engaged, educated, and entertained throughout their wait time and developing customers who trust their bank.

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