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5 ways to clear up your communication with Retriever Digital Signage


Creating content for your Retriever Digital Signage doesn’t have to be daunting. It takes practice and a desire to make your slides better, but it’s a lesson that can be learned. Even though there are a lot of blog posts with how to style your slides or content you should be posting, let’s cut to the chase and tell you the things you should skip if you want to communicate with the most impact!

1.) Don’t skimp on the number of slides – I know it’s tempting to try and consolidate slides, but in so doing, you run the risk of making your information sound like the nervous intern just rattled off all your company news while they waited for the elevator. Take the time to spread out the messages so that each one gets a focus and your audience’s attention!

2.) Nix the Greyscale – Part of the beauty of the technology in tv signage is that you can be creative! Why stop with Times New Roman font, when you can choose one that suits the theme of your message? Retriever Digital Signage incorporates color, graphics and your personal touches to transform your communication from bland and static to a visually appealing communication tool. Don’t waste that. Utilize it!

3.) Size does matter – Unless you also keep magnifying glasses in your viewing area, remember to size your font appropriately. If your font size needs to keep decreasing in order to include all of your message, consider breaking the message up into multiple slides.

4.) Pictures are worth 1,000 words – The best slides are one that incorporate both compelling text and applicable graphics. 40% of viewers respond better to slides with visuals. The photo or image is what draws the viewers’ eyes to your screens where your information can be communicated. Every now and then, a slide with just text is appropriate, but it should never be the norm in your playlist.

5.) Order is there for a reason – Place an emphasis on the information that is most important. We all love the latest celebrity meme, but the next Insurance policy meeting time, date and location is more important. Focus on those slides to make sure that message stands out so while your viewers can still get a laugh from Leo walking like a carefree cartoon character, their attention is quickly captured by the pertinents. For more of an impact, repeat that slide with a slight twist in the design.

You may not have a degree in Graphic Design, but following these guidelines for what not to do, you’re well on your way to communicating in a creative, efficient, impactful manner with your Retriever Digital Signage!