A Dog of a Different Color


One of the major upgrades we are working on for Retriever Digital Signage right now is all about color. In the new version, you will be able to select any color you can imagine and apply it to your slides. This puts you in control so you don’t have to settle for some small selection of preset colors.

Do you have a corporate color? No problem. Have you wished for a lemon-lime background? Wish granted. Ever wanted a red that wasn’t so very, very red? Look no further. The Retriever will soon be a “dog of a different color.”

The ability to select any color does two things simultaneously. First, it opens up a whole world of possibilities for setting the look of your digital sign. Second, it cuts down on the interface clutter by eliminating the need for multiple versions of the same background in the list. Thus, it makes the Retriever both more adaptable and more simple.

The only downside to all this is the new system won’t be out until later this summer! So, to help ease the wait time (and give you a small taste of what’s to come) we are expanding the current selection of available colors for several of our backgrounds. “Rays” and “Stripes” are the first for this update, but keep a lookout for more of your favorite background types to show up in brand new colors over the next few weeks.

Color is integral to visual communication, and we are excited to be opening up a rainbow of possibilities. We hope you have fun “playing fetch” with a signage system that is flexible and easy-to-color.

Mike Baldridge

Mike Baldridge

Mike Baldridge is a graphic designer and web developer for DRM Productions. He has put these combined skills to use developing a library of slide templates for the Retriever. When he’s not working, Mike enjoys digital painting as well as some traditional drawing.