Banking on Digital


Mobile and online banking has modernized how we handle our money transfers, but at the end of the day, 78% of customers still plan to visit their local branch because when it comes down to it, few experiences are better than face-to-face interactions when it comes to money. Nearly 60% of traditional bank sales are made through the bank branch, so right now, the branch will remain the preeminent channel and as such, demands attention from marketing.

A wise marketer will realize that modernizing each branch can be made simple through the addition of digital signage. Banks typically measure their success through their service satisfaction, but it should not be limited to that one factor. The banks of our future are ones that have an engaging, fun and interactive environment. Retriever Digital Signage can provide the path way setting up this environment and provide tools to empower employees to become more than just tellers, but sales persons for the bank and all the services it provides.

Physically, a bank only has so much space available for posters, flyers, banners and brochures at a given time. These static messages are bound to one message, one genre and one hope of efficacy. Retriever Digital Signage, however, has the ability to share information on a variety of topics that are not confined to a set parameter. They can share multiple messages for each service the bank offers that are geared toward different age groups or income demographics. For example, newlyweds who are first time home buyers have different banking needs than a retiree who has already paid off his home. Each example holds different needs for information and services that a single print ad cannot effectively address. BUT. A Retriever Digital Sign placed behind the teller counter serves to present the information that the teller can further expound on and drive home the sale.

There are benefits to adding digital signage to any bank branch most notably:

  • Perceived wait time reduced by 10.8%
  • Product awareness increased by over 20%
  • 40% of viewers create conversation vs. 4% with static signage

Retriever Digital Signage allows for the ability to have limitless messages that are relevant to each demographic that set foot in the bank branch. As an added bonus 46% of people are able to recall what they saw on a digital sign, whereas only 4% of people retain what they see on a static sign. The Retriever Digital Signage captures the customers’ attention with compelling messages and outstanding presentations that lead to a better overall customer experience.

The wait time spent in lines for a teller or financial adviser is no longer a waste of time or one that “needs” to be spent scrolling through the patron’s Facebook feed. The integration of Retriever Digital Signage into a bank branch helps to increase brand recognition, engagement and origination of new business opportunities, service quality and innovation. The Retriever system is ideal for the display of  messages that are designed to build the bank’s brand and promote products and services so much that by the time a customer reaches the teller, they have already been educated in what the bank offers. This method empowers the customer so that they are more informed, can participate in productive conversation and better enable branch executive to sell the products their bank offers.