How to motivate tired students

3 Ways to Motivate Tired Students with Messaging

The end of the semester is nearing, and your students are over-tired, burnt out, and a little bit overwhelmed. This home stretch of the semester is the hardest time to keep your students engaged in learning and focused on the things that matter, not just their increasing workload.

Many campuses turn to their student activities to lead the way in reinvigorating their students with fun activities and mental releases, but it’s important to limit your special events, as they can actually add to the problem of “not enough time,” not to mention that they’re work intensive for your staff and students and costly.

Keeping things positive across campus is a tremendous way to inject a fresh dose of motivation into your tired students with minimal effort and maximum impact. Here are three great ways you can use your Retriever Digital Signage to lift the spirits of your fatigued students in the coming months:

Mix In Inspirational and Humorous Messages

We’ve seen an increased level of engagement with digital signage when there’s a good deal of variety in messaging. What better way to mix things up than to drop in a slide that says, “YOU ARE AWESOME!” or “We Know It’s Tough… Hang In There!” Better yet, grab or make some funny memes and put a smile on someone’s face using the “Picture” slide template.

Highlight Student and Alumni Achievements

It can be easy for students to lose track of why they’re in the trenches. Use your Retrievers to celebrate achievements campus-wide, big and small, and showcase successful alumni who were once in the trenches too.

Publicize Upcoming Relief & Treats

Does your campus offer a late night breakfast or chair massages during finals? Some campuses have even offered napping rooms with gentle wake-ups. Get the word out to students early by sharing them in advance on your Retrievers. Knowing that relief is coming can set a new fire to push through to the finish!


If you haven’t yet installed Retriever Digital Signage across your campus, now’s the time to get started. Retrievers are highly visible, easily updated, and the perfect solution for campus-wide communications. Click here to connect with us and we’ll tell you more!

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