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Like many medical facilities, MedCentral Health System in Mansfield, Ohio, works hard to stay connected to staff, patients, and their families. It is an organization employing 2,000 people in three facilities in two cities. The main hospital spans multiple floors, with surgery, emergency and treatment rooms spread throughout covering hundreds of thousands of square feet.

Trying to establish and maintain communication with a diverse audience of medical professionals and the general public is further complicated by the stress visitors may be experiencing. Add to that the layers of structural renovation of the buildings over many decades and you simply cannot find a more difficult communication challenge.

At MedCentral, the Corporate Director of Public Relations and Marketing, chose digital signage as one of their lines of communication. They had and will continue to use the traditional lines of communication but it just wasn’t enough. They began to see digital signage pop up throughout the community and that made them interested how MedCentral might be able to use it.

When choosing a digital signage system, weighing all the possibilities can be difficult. The selection process is much like comparing apples to oranges, there are similarities but also significant differences. Finding the right system for your individual needs lies at the heart of the decision.

DRM Productions was able to place 5 Retriever Digital Signage Systems in three seperate locations that displayed different content for a price well under $15,000. Messaging now goes to all patient rooms and designated locations throughout the hospital system. Messaging is targeted to engage the viewer using the ever growing list of animated backgrounds and sign templates to create professional looking content quickly.

All this is done without the staff learning new software or installing it on any hospital computer. Using a fetch system, each sign automatically updates itself about every ten minutes. Scheduling makes it possible to program signs for coming weeks or months in the future. The operator always can update any message, with changes being seamless to the viewer.

Google: Retriever digital signage. It made a difference at MedCentral.

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