Everybody Does It, Professionals Do It Right!


Cell phones, pocket cameras and handheld video recorders are everywhere. These and other image devices are so easy to use that anyone can shoot a picture or take a video. Who needs a professional?

You do!

When it counts, a professional has the equipment and know how to get the image or video you want, in the right size and format to fit your need. They have the production skill, and software experience to continue to craft the final image or video long after the shooting is done.

There is a reason professional cameras cost what they do and have many layers of adjustments to fine tune the image you want captured. Professionals routinely overcome most lighting concerns that can easily ruin an image. They have experience in framing the right shot and capturing the most telling video that best represents you, your company, your product, your service, your employees and/or your customers.

When it really counts, do you want to rely on a friend because he is cheap or a family member to keep the peace? What is the image you want to project to the public or your employees? A professional can help you create that image because of their experience. Like you, a professional understands their job and equipment. Like you, they take pride in their work and have achieved a level of expertise that most have not.

Everybody may do it, but the results tell the tail of who really is the professional. We’ve all seen amazing images but what you don’t see is all the failures. The professional with the right equipment will get you the best image or video time after time.

Because you can do something, does not mean you should. In our techno age, the loss of professionalism is a serious problem. While computers and other technologically advance equipment can do much, it will never offer the artist’s eye. That which makes us human is also what gives us the profound ability to see behind the eyes of our subject and see the essence of who we are and what we make. 

Professionals, through education, training and years of practice: can tell the story, sell your product or service, inspire customers and employees and inform your audience with impact.

Yes, everybody does it but should they? When you want it done right, at the right time and in the right way; hire a professional. Working with a pro is an investment in your future.

Dave Damron

Dave Damron

Dave Damron founded DRM Productions — the creators of Retriever Digital Signage — in 1984. He brings a creative and unique set of eyes to the table for any photography and videography projects. Dave’s passion for photography extends beyond work and he also enjoys gardening and woodworking in his free time.