Celebrating Seasonal Holidays in Residential Care

Celebrating Seasonal Holidays in Residential Care

As the holidays approach, this year looks a bit different for all of us. Making the holidays special even if we can’t be near our families is important to us all, but it’s critically important for the residents in your care facility.

There are many ways to add a little bit of joy to the seasons in your nursing home or senior living facility. Holiday decor, music and seasonal favorite foods are one way to make the winter holidays special.

But if your residents are lonesome for family and friends, and the pandemic is preventing you from bringing them together in person, how can you bring those loved ones near?

For facilities using digital signage, that’s easy! Ask loved ones to send in video messages, and you can add them to your Retriever playlist. Each day, they can see their beloved families and those of their neighbors showcased and bringing holiday greetings into their homes.

Being able to see friendly smiles and laughing children is an encouragement for all, and by using your Retriever Digital Signage, you remove the technological barrier for residents who are less savvy with technology, autoplaying the videos as a part of a Retriever playlist. Moreover, it allows residents to see their loved ones multiple times as the playlist cycles.

If you haven’t yet installed Retriever in your residential living facility, what are you waiting for? Reach out and set up a free virtual consult here.

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