Digital Signage and Pantone

Design focused individuals are aware of the trends in colors that are released every year. Perhaps you already know that for 2016 the Pantone color is not just one, but two colors. A warm and a cool. What does this have to do with Retriever Digital Signage? Everything!

pantone2016As you design your slide shows, consider what the trendy colors are. There is a reason why they have made the design theme for the year – they are eye catching and pretty. And in this year’s case, the addition of a second color allows for more creativity and variety within the design planning.

If your organization is one that uses a black and white logo, you’ve got the most freedom of design with these colors. The Pantone institute selects the colors every year and thankfully, they also provide potential color pairing that could be used for both the background and text. The color pairings are a refreshing way to look at your design and consider colors that you might not otherwise even know existed. It’s an especially creative way to find complementary colors for text that aren’t just the standard issue black.

Because you control your Retriever Digital Signage both in the design and the order, you can utilize these colors in the way that emphasizes the personality of your organization and your branding. Complementary colors can be used to create a professional background to your logo that  capture the eye and then hold the attention of your viewer long enough to read the brief text you share on each slide.

Now, perhaps Rose Quartz and Serenity don’t really represent your organization well. That’s ok, because there were other colors of the year. And there’s a color selector here. Using the tools available online can help you communicate with impact and enjoy the design process while you’re at it!

For more ideas on how to choose the right colors for your Retriever Digital Signage design, check out this post!

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