Quantifying your success with digital signage

Digital signage is exciting, entertaining and flexible. It’s popularity is growing due to the ability to target customers with its fluid, management controlled, design. Since it is critical for a company  to engage with its customers with the right message at the right time and place, Retriever Digital Signage has the ability to deliver both educational information and entertainment to viewers during wait time. The design interface allows for even someone with rudimentary computer skills to update actions that will better serve a business, customer flow and bottom line.  quantify-success

As sharp as the Retriever Digital Signage system appears to customers, it’s the simplicity of the internal design that makes it a benefit for your company’s managers. The key element for this system is the fluidity that it affords for your company’s communications with their clients. With a little organization, your company can control its media messages across store locations from a single control center. This has the ability to reach hundreds or even thousands of people; coupling this with the features that allow for prescheduling playlists, one is able to organize the Retriever Digital Signage messages and not worry about hectic days, illness or even a vacation. The prescheduling feature alone eases some of the stress shoulderd by our small business owners who find themselves not only managing the sales, but the marketing within their company.

Now where’s the quantified data? Consider this report of recall rates by Nielsen:

  • Online Banners, 3 percent
  • Magazines, 21 percent
  • Radio, 27 percent
  • Billboards, 30 percent
  • Television, 32 percent
  • Digital Signage, 52 percent

Why is this? Who doesn’t like to be entertained? Studies have shown that  digital signage has the ability to reduce a customer’s perceived wait time in checkouts or reception by as much as 35 percent when they choose a sharp in-line merchandising approach. That simply means that when you choose your slides wisely (DRM has plenty of pre-designed slides waiting for you to choose for your own Retriever Digital Signage), and they are a compliment to the messages you are displaying, they become a captivating advertisement that people don’t even realize they are being marketed to! FedEx Office has shown that nearly 70 percent of customers have purchased a product or service because a sign caught their eye.

Location and height placement of your Retriever Digital Signage are key to delivering content effectively. It makes sense, but can always be restated, to not overwhelm your location with sounds and images that compete with the message your Retriever Digital Signage is communicating. Investing the time and effort necessary to achieve quality content will present your message(s) effectively and hold your company up in a positive light. Your goal with this system is to engage the customers, so their perception of your company (or service) compels them to purchase or ask for more information.

The overall impact of Retriever Digital Signage is one that cannot be ignored. The simple interface allows you the ability to display call-forward information, advertisements and provide the relevant, timely information that is so valuable to obtaining and keeping satisfied customers. When these goals are met, your company’s bottom line is affected in a manner that you can take to the bank!

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