Six Slides to Spice Up Your Playlist Retriever Digital Signage

Six Slides to Spice Up Your Playlist

If you’re a long-time Retriever user, you may be utilizing the same handful of slide templates, and it may be time to spice things up. If you haven’t dug into the categories lately, we wanted to take this opportunity to showcase a few of our favorite templates that you can sprinkle into your playlist for a fresh look!

Retriever Digital Signage: 5-Day Forecast with TimeSlide Name: 5-Day Forecast with Time
Category Where You’ll Find It: Date & Time or What’s New
Why It’s Great: This slide gives you an up-to-date weather forecast, a perfect way to mix up your main message and keep people engaged!

Retriever Digital Signage: Timeline with Pictures


Slide Name: Timeline with Pictures
Category Where You’ll Find It: Date & Time
Why It’s Great: This slide is highly customizable with a background image as well as text & images on each timeline event. It’s an easy way to tell your story in a highly visual way!

Retriever Digital Signage: Happy Birthday - Text and PictureSlide Name: Happy Birthday – Text and Picture
Category Where You’ll Find It: Parties & Special Events
Why It’s Great: Celebrate your most important people with their photo and a birthday message on their special day! Pro-tip: schedule this slide to publish and unpublish in advance!

Retriever Digital Signage: Entertainment Trivia

Slide Name: Entertainment Trivia
Category Where You’ll Find It: Trivia or Arts & Entertainment
Why It’s Great: Fun trivia can break up your playlist to keep it from being overly promotional, while engaging your audience to keep them paying attention for a longer period of time. Utilize our built-in trivia, or create custom trivia yourself!

Retriever Digital Signage: Twitter - Latest

Slide Name: Twitter – Latest
Category Where You’ll Find It: Social Networking
Why It’s Great: You’re already creating great content for your social channels, so let your Retriever’s remind your customers to engage with you on social, while sharing some relevant content.

Retriever Digital Signage: Richland Source: Latest News

Slide Name: Richland Source: Latest News
Category Where You’ll Find It: Richland Source
Why It’s Great: For our local customers, we’ve already integrated the Richland Source headlines into our playlist – you simply need to schedule it! Choose topic-specific headlines, locally-based stories, or the latest news.

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