Case study

Bare Escentuals — Technical

In the fashion world, mineral makeup offers women a natural choice for their cosmetic needs. One of the leaders with this type of product is Bare Escentuals. They pride themselves on taking the very best natural raw materials to market through their many products that promote health and style. For them functionality and beauty work hand in hand to give women the very best products they deserve.

The national distribution center for Bare Escentuals is a 430,000 square foot facility in Columbus, Ohio. Carrying their commitment for excellence to their employees is an important projection of their overall corporate philosophy of quality and professionalism. Complicating this desire is the fast paced atmosphere in the warehouse that demands attention to detail to insure that product gets to where it needs to be, at the time it is needed.

Communication in that kind of atmosphere is not easy but nonetheless essential. Until recently they used bulletin boards throughout to post messages on safety, production information, events and shift meetings. HR prided themselves on keeping these boards attractive and updated them frequently to keep employee attention.

The company spent a lot of time doing this because communication matters. However, it was clear to Bare Escentuals that they needed a better, easier and more up to date solution to their communication need. Enter Retriever Digital Signage and their team mate, ZeeVee, who provided a high definition distribution system.

The biggest challenge at Bare Escentuals was sending a high definition signal to 8 displays placed throughout the warehouse. Using yesterday’s technology would have been too costly to move the signal over nearly one mile of cabling. One run alone was over 1400 feet from the head end to monitor. ZeeVee came to the rescue.

Using the ZvBox 170 along with cost effective coaxial signal splitters and amplifiers, the digital signage signal now looks as good in the offices at Bare Escentuals as it does in the far reaches of their cavernous facility.

How is that possible? All ZvBoxes use an HD encoder/RF modulator to produce your own on-premise HDTV channel. Connect any number of sets to the ZvBox with coax cabling to receive a crystal clear image. And because of the design of the ZeeVee equipment and the programming of Retriever Digital Signage, the system can grow whenever Bare Escentuals wishes without costly upgrades.

Human Relations which manages the warehouse system didn’t need to install software or invest hours in training to get their messaging out to the employees. They logged onto the Retriever in the cloud and within minutes of installation they were posting messages that raced throughout their facility with the highest quality thanks to ZeeVee.

Members of the Human Relations team were able to schedule messages to appear at critical times and the system’s engagement slides along with the animated backgrounds helped maintain employee interest. Impromptu messaging such as employee pictures at work or celebrating a birthday over lunch are now routinely put on the signage because it is so easy and effective. Now more information than every gets to warehouse employees at Bare Escentuals with stunning graphical design due to the ease of use of the Retriever system.

The system was up and running at Bare Escentuals in less than 14 days from the day the project was approved. This included everything from project planning, equipment ordering and power/coax installation. All this was made possible due to the simplicity of the ZvBox installation which took just minutes to configure. Retriever personnel were there to answer questions and insure Retriever Digital Signage was brought online quickly. The installation help was not the end of assistance. System upgrades are automatically added and HR gets monthly updates and recommendations which continually expand the capabilities of the system.

“Everyone watches” according to a company spokesperson from Bare Escentuals. They went on to say that Retriever and ZeeVee performance continues the air of professionalism they maintain throughout the company and it reflects the high standards of their products. Retriever and ZeeVee can be viewed on their websites, and Both offer simple solutions to today’s evolving communication needs.