Case study

Buckeye Imagination Museum

This might be hard to believe, but one of our clients who uses digital signage the most is a children’s museum where half of the customers can’t even read. How does that work out? The Buckeye Imagination Museum in Mansfield, Ohio has been nothing less than innovative with how they have chosen to utilize digital signage in various creative ways throughout their entire children’s museum.

Suzana Roemer, the Museum Manager, shared with us that the museum uses their digital signs in five different ways throughout the museum, all presenting a unique benefit to the museum, its employees, and its customers.

The first way the museum uses their digital signage appears at the front desk, where the screens display “menu boards” that show customers different pricing options such as admissions, memberships, parties, and more. Including digital signage in this area makes price changes and updating specials fast and easy for Buckeye Imagination Museum. Next, you’ll find several more screens in the lobby of the museum that display donor recognition slides. Here, the museum is able to recognize the donors and sponsors that helped make the museum possible, a wonderful way to support those individuals and groups in return. These two uses for digital signage offer an eye-catching way to show customers general information about the museum… but here is where the Buckeye Imagination Museum got creative and more personal with its digital signage.

At the Buckeye Imagination Museum, children have the opportunity to explore various exhibits that give them the opportunity to play as a banker, a hair stylist, an actor or actress, a chef, and more. With intricate details that make the interactive exhibits an unforgettable experience for families, Buckeye Imagination Museum accepted several donations, sponsorships, and support throughout its creation. In fact, many local businesses chose to sponsor exhibits within the museum so that kids would have the chance to play pretend for businesses they might recognize like Mechanics Bank, the Renaissance Theater, Kingwood Center, OhioHealth, and more. It was important to the Buckeye Imagination Museum that these sponsors were recognized within each exhibit, so they chose to utilize digital signage in order to create a digital sponsor plaque. Another unique way that digital signage is displayed in the museum is that it’s actually included as a part of two of the exhibits! Mechanics Bank and the Optimist Club of Mansfield, Ohio both use digital signage throughout their locations and they chose to include digital signage as part of their displays!

In addition to the many ways that digital signage is used within the museum and exhibits, you can also find it being used in a much more personal way near the birthday party rooms. When a family reserves one of Buckeye Imagination Museums party rooms for a birthday celebration, the museum is sure to include a special message to personally welcome the birthday guest!

It’s clear to see that the Buckeye Imagination museum is using their Retriever Digital Signage in many creative ways, but you may be wondering how they have benefited from these uses within the museum?

“The biggest benefits I’ve seen since installing our Retriever[s] are how professional and up-to-date they make our space look, and how easy it is to change content on a regular basis, so things are always fresh and current… Employees and customers have [both] commented on how professional and high quality they look.”

Suzanna Roemer, Museum Manager

It’s easy to try and fit digital signage into a small box of uses, but the Buckeye Imagination Museum has proved that when you become creative with your communication efforts, digital signage can help your business in countless ways. Whether you’re trying to display your product or service, recognize your donors, display sponsor plaques, welcome birthday guests, create a space that looks modern and professional, or use digital signage in a new, innovative way, we can help your business achieve its goals through use of Retriever Digital Signage.

“It’s been very easy to use… I am very pleased with our Retrievers!”

Suzanna Roemer, Museum Manager