Dairy Queen, Glessner Ave.

A Digital Signage Case Study

Dairy Queen

Business owners are curious and innovative type of people. Growing a successful business requires that its owners keep their eyes open for new ideas and ways to better serve their customers.

When Jana Mulherin, Co-owner of Dairy Queen in Mansfield, Ohio, first encountered Retriever, she asked herself, “How could we use that new technology?” 

Once installing Retriever in her Dairy Queen restaurant, Mulherin found limitless ways to put the new digital signage to work for her business. Initially, Mulherin’s Dairy Queen began to use Retriever to introduce new products and retail older products as well as to promote sales. That’s about the point Mulherin started to get creative.

“Over time, we found our employees liked it, customers liked it, we liked it… and we thought, ‘Let’s make it a little more personal!’”
Jana Mulherin, Co-owner, Dairy Queen in Mansfield, Ohio

Dairy Queen began to utilize the Retriever technology to delight their customers by telling the story of the lives of its employees, showcasing graduation and prom photos of the team.

From there, the Dairy Queen owner had the idea to include customers on the Retrievers.

“Anybody that comes and shares some time with us, we ask if we can take a picture.”
Jana Mulherin, Dairy Queen

Now, not only does Mulherin keep her customers engaged with their promotions, but people watch to see their friends and family on the Retriever and then spread the word about their sightings in the community. Groups ranging from little league teams to Miss Ohio contestants have visited the Dairy Queen and graced the Retriever screens since implementing this approach.

Today, Dairy Queen uses the Retriever technology to connect with the community, showcasing upcoming local events, a treat for locals and visitors. They never run short on fresh content, with this approach, and it’s proven a successful engagement strategy for the Dairy Queen owners

“It really has engaged people, and that’s another reason we know it’s so effective… Retriever really tells our story.”
Jana Mulherin, Dairy Queen

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