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Digital Signage Strategy Development


As you design your Retriever Digital Signage campaigns, you’ll want to make sure that you have an effective strategy for both the communication and the responsibility.

First, decide how your logo will be displayed. If you have an organization-wide brand, you may want to incorporate the colors, text, and graphics into your slides. Perhaps the logo at the bottom of each slide? Use the same font as used in your logo in the text on each slide. These are very simple features, but the decision to keep the consistency between the logo branding and your Retriever Digital Signage displays not only makes your communication congruent, but setting the fonts makes that decision for the long term, never to be quibbled over again.

Next, decide how you’d like the slide shows to run. Obviously, there is information to be communicated, but you’ll also want to incorporate some fun. Weather, sports, blogs and other sources of entertaining information can be added to your slides through the individual RSS feeds. One of the advantages of the Retriever 2.0 is that if you see the order of your slide show isn’t really working for your viewers, you can change it with a few clicks of the button and know that with the next cycle, the changes will appear on your screen. strategy-promo

Then, assign a person to be in charge of the updates. You can choose one point person for the entire organization or set one per department. Because each person has a unique login and the whole system is online, updates can be made from any computer, by anyone with access at any time. The person in charge of updates can set a schedule for submissions so they they don’t feel overwhelmed with the details. Updates are simple to make, but that doesn’t mean they should be at the beck and call of every person who thinks one should be made. Make an update schedule, set deadlines and get organized. Organization is the key to success after all!

Finally, get designing! Set aside time to play around with the Retriever web interface. Try your hand designing some backgrounds. Check out the slides we’ve already made for you to use. You’re a part of the Retriever family as soon as we plug your first unit, and to welcome you, we’ve got plenty of slides to help you on your way in case you don’t feel like design is your strong suit. But even if it isn’t, it’s still fun to try!

So get organized, choose your colors and start building a slide show for your organization that tell your story. Share your loyalty programs and share safety tips. Communicate with impact and have fun doing it!