Digital displays for employee communication

Improving Communication in the Workplace with Retriever

Retriever Digital Signage is an ideal solution for easily improving employee communication at every level. Our digital signage system enables you to quickly convey important information to individuals from all areas of the organization.

Staff communication with the Retriever is quicker and simpler than ever. Provide detailed schedules, or important status alerts or reports to the people who need them the most, while others see only the information relevant to their own tasks. Employee communication with digital signage is powerful, effective, and flexible, improving upon the old pinup board or printed flyer notifications that were a hassle to deal with and never got noticed.

You can also share good news, such as reaching quarterly goals, or celebrating someone's birthday, company anniversary, or achievement. Add in weather content, or recruit volunteers for the holiday party or players for the softball team.

Make sure your messages get seen, and eliminate much of the old hassle and constraint with the Retriever, a proven solution for easily improving communication in the workplace.

It looks like you are trying to teach an old dog new tricks!

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