Business Goals

Is your business infected?


Of the many problems that can plague an office today, tacky message boards rank near the top. Along with hideous flyers and out of date communication, many offices find themselves spinning their wheels against inadequate attempts to communicate data, information or even a simple birthday wish.

Is your office infected? Do you find your self printing out a memo to stuff in employee mailboxes that are promptly tossed in the trash? Even worse, are you spending valuable time rearranging little plastic letters on a signboard?

Retriever Digital Signage is the cure to this plague upon our communication. Whether you are trying to keep your employees updated and motivated or hoping to reduce perceived wait time for your clients, tv signage can mean the difference between ineffectual and frustrating communication and messaging that people look forward to seeing.

Instead of wasting your resources both financially and time printing posters and flyers, take a moment to envision what your employee break room would look like with a Retriever Digital Signage screen placed strategically, capturing the attention of viewers as each slide flips by. Consider that even with a slide being shown for an average of 10 seconds, the movement and color alone is enough to grab onto and retain a viewer’s attention with far more retention than a static sign.

Retriever Digital Signage can take your waiting area from boring and bland, to desirable and entertaining as viewers are updated on product/services your company offers, local events and even the coming storm. Because of how simple it is to operate the Retriever Digital Signage platform, changes can be made with the click of a button, reflecting a news update pertinent to your viewers only, or on a larger scale by linking up to CNN or another news network’s RSS feed.

You don’t have to suffer from the bland communication disease any longer. As a matter of fact, you can get the cure right now. Check out how easy the Retriever is to operate. Rid yourself of ugly, outdated and tacky communication methods and discover what it is like to communicate with impact!