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Know Thy Audience


To piggy back on last week’s post, let’s talk about language.

Being aware of the intended audience for your Retriever Digital Signage is key in this post. If you have an organization that is geared toward millennials, you’ll waste your time making slides filled with 90s references. The same if your audience is primarily retirees. So know your audience. Learn their vernacular and the images that will stand out to them as they view your slide show.

Another reminder: Just because you can make the font small, it doesn’t mean you should. Check out this post for ideas on what your font size should be for your viewing location. In the case of digital signage, less is always more. Using images that complement the text go a lot further in communication than rambling on for several lines. So. Larger text + pertinent image = effective communication.

Be relevant. Your viewers don’t have the time to sift through lots of information just to get to what applies to them. Isn’t that the point of digital signage? To sift out all the fluff and only post what’s actually applicable. With that in mind, adding some slides with RSS and social media feeds always function to break up the information you share with something entertaining. But don’t go overboard. Just as it is easy to fill up a bulletin board with flyers, it can also be easy to clutter up your slides. Keep your content clear!

Remember: the best tv signage displays will not only feature captivating slide designs but also content that has been tailored to fit a given audience. This means highlighting the specific information your target audience wants to learn in a style that viewers will find appealing. Retriever Digital Signage can help you communicate with impact, you just need to create the plan for your audience!