Retriever Users

Why be static when you could be fresh?


If you have a teenager in your home, or know someone who does, you’ll understand how quickly their interests and concerns change. A shirt that was at the height of fashion on Monday becomes the most hideous article of clothing in the world by Thursday. We live in a world, regardless of your current situation with teenagers, where the constant flux of fashion, news and philosophy is common place and therefore expected to keep the attention of those who are observing your digital signage. Even if this were not the case, who wants to settle for static, boring signage when you have the opportunity to keep it fresh with just the click of your mouse?

How is one to keep the content on a Retriever Digital Signage fresh and interesting? We suggest that you not only plan for your current set of slides, but look ahead to what you can do in your next update to not only continue to inform, but tie into and build upon the previous series. For example: in a situation that would allow your screen(s) to be viewed by a regular audience for a moderate (5 or more minutes) amount of time, you might like to split your slide topics up into categories. Consider the following topic themes: Corporate content, company/office policies, benefits/loyalty program updates, safety tips, product innovation and sponsored ads.

With these topics in mind, you can plan out the slide template you’d like for each theme that will be displayed on your Retriever Digital Signage. Then, as you lay out the order of the slides, you should then consider how to keep your viewers engaged in the event they were to sit through the slide cycle more than once. If you have safety tips included in your slide rotation, you can set up the playlist so that on each loop, a NEW safety slide takes the place of the previous safety slide. This way, even though the viewer has already seen the other slides, they are consistently given new information to hold their interest.

Another way to stay fresh is to keep ahead of the calendar. Knowing what events are coming can help you to plan and develop slides that will provide safety information or company policy prior to an event when one would actually be in need of the information. This way, their minds have already absorbed the information which makes room for it to register in context of the event. This is especially helpful in the event of company events where there are guidelines for conduct.

You should also keep on hand a healthy file of graphics for your needs. If, for example, your Retriever Digital Signage is placed in a shoe store, you’ll want to have graphics that showcase the styles and brands of shoes you carry.  When you have a large base of images to draw from with little hassle on your part it becomes a simple task to change up the appearance of your slides while still clearly communicating your message. And with the Retriever Digital Signage 2.0, your changes will be up on your screens in even less time than before!

Allow yourself some room to make the themes within your slides consistent. Perhaps putting a red stripe on the safety slide or a consistent graphic on the slides that convey company policy? These subtle elements create the flow of connection not only within the presentation, but for the viewers’ eyes. Even with the set pattern or graphic, you still have the freedom to change up the slides on your Retriever Digital Signage so that the content is presented in new and refreshing ways. With a few updates, you can make your viewers feel as though they are reading your screens for the first time even if it’s their hundredth viewing!